Woven Wooden Blinds

When homeowners want to cover their windows with blinds that are easy to install and maintain, they often choose woven wooden blinds. These items provide light control, block out heat and cold, and add appeal to any room in a house. Moreover, they are easy to maintain. For that reason, when people remodel their homes, they often choose these blinds as a way to add convenience and style to their residences.

Once people purchase their blinds, they can choose to install these accessories by themselves. In fact, installation is quite simple. The blinds hang by steel headrails that can be inserted into brackets. A person must first decide if the blind will hang on the inside or outside of the window’s frame. Once the position is chosen, the brackets can be screwed into the wall until they are secure. The headrail and blind may then be hung over the window.

Woven wooden blinds also come in a variety of colours. When people want to lighten their rooms, they may choose woods in light colours like balsam, beech, briarwood, or pine. On the other hand, if a person wants the room to appear darker, colours such as teak, redwood, oak, walnut, and chesnut accomplish this task. Darker colours make rooms appear to be cozier and more intimate, while lighter colours are utilized to make a room appear airier and more spacious.

Unlike fabric blinds, woven wooden blinds can be maintained with relative ease. Like any blind, a woven wooden blind will accumulate dust over time. However, fabric blinds require that people take them down and wash them in a sink or tub. Wood blinds do not require such effort; rather, people can use feather dusters, vacuum cleaner hoses, or even a damp cloth to remove such debris. Dusting these accessories on a weekly basis helps them keep their shine and beautiful appearances. As such, homeowners appreciate these coverings for how easy they are to maintain.

Because they are durable, these coverings can be used in any room of the home. Some families fear that pets or small children will tear fabric blinds while they are running about the house. However, if a child or a pet runs into a wooden blind, homeowners do not have to fear its being torn. It can withstand a variety of activities and last for many years. Thus, people view these blinds as a good investment.

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