Why we love diffused light

You love diffused light – probably without realising it – and we’d like to share how My DIY Blinds can help you achieve this effect in your home.

Diffused light is the simple act of changing the way light arrives at its destination – in this case the inside of your rooms.

But why do we love diffused light so much? What makes it so pleasing?

Portrait photographers appreciate diffused light because it creates little or no shadow on a person’s face, and this is flattering to most of us, not least because it means we don’t squint or pull a funny face in an attempt to filter out the sharp light.

In the same way, whenever you sit in a lounge or conservatory and the sun is beaming in at a low angle it’s not conducive to relaxation. And if it’s at the wrong angle it makes it hard to see other people in the room properly or to enjoy watching the television.


But rather than shut it out completely and plunge a room into darkness, we can offer a terrific solution – Pleated Made To Measure Blinds.

Take a look at this very short video and see what an effect the pleated blind has on the room.


It’s not a particularly bright day but you can appreciate the effect of the blind coming down. There is still a decent amount of light coming into the room, but it’s nowhere near as sharp.

This type of blind can be used to great effect in your:

• Conservatory – with a high proportion of glass this popular living space will be bathed in full sunlight, so having the option to pull one or two blinds down to regulate the brightness is a boon.

• Lounge – if you’re relaxing with the television on you can either prevent the sun from reflecting on the screen or beaming in on to your face. It will also afford some privacy if your room is over-looked by passers-by outside, but at the same time not creating a total blackout.

• Home office or study – diffused lighting makes it much more comfortable to work at a computer screen.

• Bedroom – as seen in our video, there’s still plenty of light in the room while still ensuring privacy. And as we often say, blinds and curtains complement each other well, so that you can easily draw the curtains to prevent the early morning sun creating too much of a rude awakening first thing.

For full information see the pleated blinds section of our website.  To place an order use the pleated blinds order page.  If you need help measuring use our easy-to-follow guides.

And we also have a comprehensive video

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