Why Ewan McGregor would like Made To Measure Blinds

We’re big fans of the Ewan McGregor BT Vision ad airing on TV at the moment.

The production team have set up a spectacular motor-bike scene and they’re eager to make the most of the A-list movie star they have on set.

Action shots are filmed and excitement mounts as they prepare to shoot the perfect, climactic scene featuring the A-list actor.
Ewan McGregor, however, is mystified.

He surveys the scene. He sees the ‘Big TV, Tiny Prices’ display board that has dropped into place, turns and notices footballers

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robin van Persie chomping on a sandwich as they wait to shoot their parts, and says: ‘You don’t need all this. There’s your ad’ – and he points to the board.

Cue our applause. We love that sentiment. We love keeping things simple. So we know Ewan would love us, because we have a straightforward message for you, backed by a simple five-point plan when you’ve decided you’d like to order some blinds from us.

Here’s our straightforward message
Beautiful Made To Measure Blinds at the best prices. That’s it. Sorry we can’t make it any more complicated.

And here’s our five-point plan

1) We help you choose the blind for your needs
Most people who order their blinds from us take a simple first step. They either call us on 0118 9454534 to discuss their ideas and ask us for ours, or they browse our Frequently Asked Questions page

2) Plenty of choice
Once you’ve narrowed it down to the type of blind, we then have an extensive range from which to choose. So whatever your colour scheme and whatever your pattern design preference there is something to precisely match your taste. You can even ask us to send a free sample.

3) Step-by-step guides on how to measure
This is the crucial stage of the process. We know how important it is to have your Made To Measure Blinds arrive in the exact state in which you need to fit them – with no messy trimming needed and therefore no potential for ruining the job. So we make measuring easy by providing guides for every situation you might find around the home.

4) How to fit
No guesswork involved and no trial and error, because we provide installation guides.
These are printed, easy-to-follow instructions included with each blind you order.
In addition to that, we provide written and video guides on our website, so you can easily watch how we recommend you do the job using the cleanest, most straightforward method of putting up your blinds.
We even have videos on such tricky topics as drilling through tiles and dealing with lintels.

5) Quality check
Every blind we deliver is quality checked to meet our exacting standards. We are so confident in the product that we supply, that we offer a 60-month guarantee on all our blinds.


Our special care guide
We know how important it is for your blinds to look their best for a long period of time, so you can care for your Made To Measure Blinds by following the simple cleaning instructions we provide – see the menu

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