Whatever else keeps you awake at night, make sure it’s not unwanted light

It’s amazing the lengths some people have to go to in order to get a good night’s sleep.

We met a woman who was reduced to sleeping in a broom cupboard – yes, truly! – because it was the only way she could escape the night-time noise from outside her flat.

Other people’s methods of securing good sleeping conditions might not be quite as drastic, but they do mean taking unusual steps.

Some people wear earplugs, others use an eye mask, while others resort to sleeping in separate rooms to avoid their other half’s snoring.

Regrettably, we can’t do anything about your partner’s night-time snorts, but we had some interesting feedback on our TrustPilot page, from a customer who had a specific reason for ordering blackout blinds.

Dr Ian Gibson, from the United States, wrote about his experience, and his comments raise several interesting points.

He says: ‘I had blackout blinds made to complement another set of blinds in my main bedroom, thereby getting rid of the need to wear an eye mask at night. They do the job well. I’m happy with the quality of the blind and I’m happy with the look of it.

‘I think the company gave me more material (i.e. more drop) than I asked for, which is great, because I can actually decide whether to drop it to window sill level or below for extra blackout.’

But it’s not just the product that left Dr Gibson so happy. We always stress the importance of correct measuring before ordering and we offer guides to show customers how to do this, something that Dr Gibson appreciated.

He says: ‘I took a long time working out measurements (measuring and double-checking etc) and it paid dividends, because this blind fits amazingly well. It also means I can do away with fussy curtains in the bedroom and have more of a sleek, contemporary look.’

And there was one final bonus that Dr Gibson appreciates, one that hadn’t previously occurred to him. He says: ‘It even freed up a corner from curtains so that I could display a shelf.

‘I also like the fact that the blinds came on a metallic support role. And I’m glad I went for the chrome pull cord. I went for a pattern on the blind, tpp, because I wanted to be more adventurous than I normally am, and I have to say, I really like the pattern and quality of material.’

We hope Dr Gibson’s comments are of help to you, and that you feel encouraged to explore our site and send for samples.

Or you can find out more about our blackout blinds – complete with 12-month guarantee – here

And remember – blackout blinds don’t need to be dark colours.

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