What have the Romans ever done for us?

What’s the difference between a Roman blind and a Roman blind?

That’s not a trick question. The way the Romans used to hang their eponymous blinds when compared to the way we use them differs in one significant factor.

We hang them vertically while the Romans, in some circumstances, hung them horizontally.

Here’s the reason. Let’s go back a couple of thousand years or more and take our place for some entertainment at the Colosseum.

Hot out there, in the open air and under the searing heat. But some clever chap with an entrepreneurial spirit has had the idea of helping the punters stay a little more comfortable by creating an awning-like structure to pull out – horizontally – from the stands.

The resulting shade is very welcome, but the design needs refining, so that when not needed the blinds can be rolled in and stored.


The design soon incorporates long poles and pull-cords so that they can be adjusted as required.

These shades and their use inspired others to think about other applications and it wasn’t long before they started appearing in homes, offering protection against the dust being kicked up by all those passing centurions and other pedestrians.

These blinds, though, were naturally hung vertically, to suit their location in windows.

Style and form may have evolved in the intervening years, but we still look upon a Roman blind as a stylish alternative to traditional window coverings with its classic, drapery effect.

They are equally suited to a living room environment as well as providing a contemporary look and feel for any bedroom, kitchen or children’s nursery.

Our made to measure roman blinds are available in a variety of stylish patterns and designs and come in a wide selection of smart shades and colours, designed to complement any colour scheme or décor.

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