Use Wood Effect Venetian Blinds to Personalise Your Home

Whether you are designing a room from scratch, updating an established look that you already love, or replacing window treatments throughout your home, try this made-to-order window accessory. Wood effect venetian blinds are the perfect way give a personal touch to your home. Wood blinds are timeless and efficient, decorative and durable. They are available in such a wide array of wood finishes that you can easily incorporate them into any design, or use them to inspire an entirely new style.

A very dark wood finish is perfect to enhance a sleek, contemporary room. With or without an added valance or drapery, this look is sure to please. If your style is shabby-chic, a white-washed wood finish is the one for you to consider. Enhance these blinds with breezy print or floral fabric panels to complete this window design. Try warm, honey-tone wood blinds to create a rich backdrop in a traditional, cozy room, or add to an elegant, classic design. Select a fabric tape accent to add even more custom style to your wood blinds. Use this to color coordinate or offer contrast with other design elements in your room. Wood blinds are also a design statement from the outside of your home. They can add value and beautiful curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Because they can be adjusted, wood effect venetian blinds are as practical as they are beautiful. The horizontal slats of these blinds can be rotated to let in the warm sun in the winter and keep out its heat in the summer, virtually adding insulation to your windows. Harmful sun rays and too-bright light can be filtered out, while scenic views and landscape still peek through to be enjoyed. This feature also protects precious furniture, carpets and rugs from direct sun while making your home more energy efficient.

No matter the look you are aiming to achieve, made to order wood effect venetian blinds are an investment to consider. Design experts are a great resource if you need assistance or guidance as you are designing your space. Wood blinds are a fashionable, functional and valuable addition to your home that will last – and please – for years.

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