Top tips on creating a great space to study

At this time of year, there’s no getting round the fact that holidays are well behind us and it’s time to get down to some serious studying, whether you’re a student or a parent with children of school age at home – or whether you are one of the burgeoning army of people who work from home.
Work space here can often be cramped and cluttered – particularly if it’s in a young person’s bedroom. Not exactly what you need to encourage them to get on with the difficult business of homework!

So here are our top tips on creating a great space to study.

Set the tone
Create a calm and pleasing space. Make sure your study area is quiet and fairly tidy. If the space is for you to be working at home you could find it stressful, so keep your study space as free from noise and distractions as possible.

It’s important to make your space tranquil. Decorate the walls in soothing, plain colours in your work area, such as sage greens and duck egg blues. These are cheerful without being too vibrant.

Time saving tidiness
Make sure you clear the floor space. Clutter easily builds up in a work space and can make it hard for you to find materials you need easily, which costs time.

Floor with a purpose
Laminate or wooden flooring is ideal in a study as you can more easily wheel a desk chair on it. This type of flooring also gives a contemporary, attractive feel to the space. It’s also a help if you find a dust-free environment, because this saves you from allergies and sneezing.

Choice of desk
Next, think about a good table or desk. Laptops on your knees can lead to aches and pains, no matter how young you are. A decent desk starts at just a few pounds, but if you’re a stylish, studying adult you can go to town – it all depends what you feel will make you work well (and what you can afford, of course!)

A place for everything and everything in its place — that’s the next most important thing. So make sure you have plenty of storage space.

Under-bed storage can be incredibly useful in this respect, with the help of some suitable boxes that you can pull in and out as required — you might want to consider boxes with wheels.

Equally important is shelving, particularly if you need to keep a lot of books in order. Again, sturdy shelving can be achieved on a tight budget, or you can splash out on a real style statement to complement your designer desk if required.

Make it easy for your eyes
Lighting is important in a study, particularly if it’s part of a larger room – a pool of light can help create a sense of privacy and promote concentration. Buy a good desk lamp to create a pool of light to work in.

So … you’re all ready to study. Of course, we can’t make you or your children actually get down to some work – but at least now you have no excuse!
By day, direct sunlight can be distracting, so invest in some good Made to measure Wooden or Vertical blinds that you can slant to control the amount of light flooding into your work space. They can also look contemporary and chic.

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