The Advantage of Bespoke Blinds

Have you ever purchased a blind that did not fit properly?  Despite having your accurate window measurements in hand, have you ever found yourself driving from one store the another looking for the size you need for your home?  Retail stores do an excellent job of carrying standard sizes, which is all well and good if you have a standard sized window, which is common with new builds.  But the majority of homeowners find themselves inconvenienced and frustrated if their window is a non-standard size, which is the case for more than 70% of residential homes in Australia.

Purchasing the wrong size of blind for your window can be an exercise in futility.   Light and heat will permeate through the space between the window frame and a poorly fitted blind is simply not worth the expense when you can order a perfectly fitted custom blind from My DIY Blinds.  We also offer a greater selection of designs and fabrics than most retail stores which allows our customers to get creative and order their own unique window coverings, rather than having mass produced blinds without any customization.

When you order bespoke service blinds you can be sure that you will receive an exact fit.  Our tutorials offer tips and instruction on how to measure your window frame according to the type of blind that you wish to install.  By providing this resource we can be sure that the correct measurements will be ordered and delivered to the satisfaction of our clients.

When considering the advantages of ordering bespoke blinds, think about the time and energy (as well as expense) you save ordering your window coverings online from the comfort of your own home.   Before you decide on a pattern or colour, we invite you to take advantage of our free samples which allow you to evaluate the product in your own home.   By providing free samples we take the guess work out of ordering blinds online and our customers enjoy the confidence of seeing in-hand the quality of the product before ordering.  And remember our friendly customer service department is always available to provide additional support and information if required.

You have better things to do with your time than driving around looking for window blinds.  And because you are ordering online and installing the blinds yourself, you save compared to purchasing blinds with installation services.  We are pleased to pass those savings right back to you with some of the most competitively priced and affordable blinds on the market.

My DIY Blinds offers a wide selection of blind styles, finishes and fabric choices including exclusive designer patterns.  Explore the creative styles and refresh your home with new quality window coverings.

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