Sumi provides simple style and grave for your Made To Measure Blind

Beauty, style, grace – and the instinctive feeling that the interior design of a home is just right for you.

That’s our starting point at My DIY Blinds when we carefully select the patterns for our roller blinds.

We know that your made to measure blind can be the final piece in an interior design jigsaw in your room – and in some cases it might be the starting point – so we strive to give you the broadest and best choice possible.

One range proving particularly popular is our Sumi selection.

The subtle designs and soft colours will evoke a special atmosphere, and it’s not by accident that we have drawn on the influence of Japan, China and other Asian nations, where this ancient style is so popular.

It’s a style we have long admired and we are particularly pleased with our current offerings.

Sumi, or ink wash painting, is also known as literati painting. It is an East Asian type of brush painting which is influenced by the prestigious form of Chinese art produced by highly educated scholars, gentlemen or leterati.

The essence of the ancient designs, whether calligraphy or art, was to not merely reproduce the appearance of the subject, but to capture its spirit.

So in the case of a flower, the artist would not only aim to perfectly match its petals and colours, but would also attempt to convey the flower’s gentle movement in a breeze, or its delicate fragrance.

The American artist Arthur Wesley Dow wrote said this: ‘The painter should do just enough to cause form, texture and effect to be felt. Every brush-touch must be full-charged with meaning, and useless detail eliminated.’

Our modern phrase for this could be ‘less is more’ and it’s something we often aim to achieve with our designs.

We are confident that you will agree the effectiveness of this, but if you would like to see first-hand how delicate and pleasing the designs are, simply request a free sample

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