Scandinavian elegance with an edge – and a Made To Measure Blind!

It’s been pretty tough over the past few years to tear ourselves away from Scandinavian dramas​. Those romantic, melancholy vistas, those sweaters… delightful!

And of course, that cool, sophisticated elegance has worked its way gradually into our homes. Who can resist it? We love the simple, clean lines, and the cool Northern colours – it’s a recipe for creating a tranquil space to unwind and relax.

It’s all so cool, calm – and just a bit crocheted – so how can you achieve the Scandinavian look without being too clinical?

It’s an easy look to achieve, as long as you concentrate on some key elements. Sleek, statement furnishings that attract the eye are a must – look for a sculptural element to legs and arms.

Materials from nature are also crucial – blond wood, pebble finishes and natural fabrics work well in this kind of space. And keep accessories pared-back and minimal, because this truly is a look that demands a total absence of clutter.

Start with a key piece of furniture such as the Savalen accent chair (Barker and Stonehouse) in the picture. It’s wonderfully eye-catching because of its striking patterned fabric – Scandi doesn’t always mean plain – but look at those lovely shapely arms.

The chair sits perfectly against the plush yet simple corner chaise and the vaguely retro chic of the coffee table. Amara’s Pols Potten Skippy set of three tables also has a mid-century sort of elegance that would fit in well here.

To complement the furnishings we’ve chosen a few of our favourites to show off.  The Lorenza Silver Roman Blinds are always very popular  and we also love the Fagel Charcoal Roman Blinds. Looking for a complimentary Vertical Blind range? Then this Persimmon Mocha scheme is just for you,

Not too much, though – walls should mostly be plain in order to show off all those stylish furnishings to best effect.Geometric patterns such as the fabric on the Savalen are a key to giving this look the edge it requires to be truly contemporary. Keep the colour palette cool, with plenty of blues and greys, and you can get away comfortably with mixing and matching strong patterns on walls, floors and furnishings.

With all those cool colours around, you need to take some slight measures to prevent the room looking cold, and natural woods are a great solution with their warm tones.

We absolutely adore the wooden apothecary chest from Bhs with its host of gorgeous little drawers – it really elevates storage to a statement.

Texture is also important, and rough rugs over smooth floors provide an important element. Look out for opportunities to add subtle lustre, too, in the shape of glass vases and bottles, and in lamp bases such as the Lolanthe (Barker and Stonehouse). It helps to reflect the light round your room and make the most of those calming shades.You can kitsch it up a little too with some folksy accompaniments such as the crocheted cushion – also from Bhs – or a throw; it’s well within the Scandinavian tradition of hand-crafted accessories and would add a touch of pleasant playfulness to the room.

This British take on Scandinavian style is a classic look that won’t date, so you can afford to spend some time getting it completely set up – then relax in the knowledge that it’s going to remain ever-elegant.

The sweater, of course, is entirely up to you.

If you need help measuring use our easy-to-follow guides

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