Pull the Made To Measure Blinds – and let’s talk about love

Baby, it’s still cold outside – but at least we can think about love. With February 14th looming large on the calendar passionate lovebirds are planning ahead – plotting the perfect date night or laying the foundations for a quiet night in – in front of the fire, maybe, with a bottle of bubbly and plenty of opportunity for a cosy candlelit canoodle.

Pull the blinds first, though, because this is definitely an occasion for just the two of you.

Hang on a moment, though. Why confine the romance to just Valentine’s Day when you can add a dash of it to your home every day of the week?

We have some great ideas to promote an atmosphere in which to raise your spirits, a glass … and his or her hopes!

If you’re feeling like a lovebird, you’ll adore the lovebird cushion from Barker & Stonehouse.

Jonathan Adler’s Jet Set Paris cushion, complete with lipstick kiss, would also look great.

If you want to preserve those loving moments, you can print them out and hang them up with the sweet composite heart frame from Getting Personal  – a great way to make sure you don’t leave all those great shots on your camera!

But you know, if you get sick of looking at selfies, you can gaze at the real thing in the M&S Romance mirror, $250 – who’s the loveliest of them all?

If you’re genuinely out to create a romantic atmosphere in a room, one of the main things you should consider is lighting. Too bright, and it steals the intimacy, but too dim and you can’t quite see your loved one… not ideal!

Candlelight is a safe yet subtle option. You can choose gorgeous little tea-lights – we adore these hanging heart holders in zinc from dotcomgiftshop.com – or go for strong, pure pillar candles in a storm lantern like this deliciously-etched Firefly design by Sara Newman.

This blue room styled by Sainbury’s is beautifully lit by candles in a wide range of lanterns and holders, providing a warm glow and real variety – it’s light come to life.

You could even do a bit of good with your romantic intentions – this heart squares doormat is part of a range of home ware designed to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation from BHF furniture and electrical store.

But if that still isn’t enough – and if your heart really is overflowing with love this February, go ahead and make that big declaration with dotcomgiftshop.com’s big red honeycomb paper hearts. Hang them all over – aww!

Why is red the colour of Love?

  • Red is seen as an emotionally intense colour
  • Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing rate – which is probably why it is seen as the colour of love
  • Red clothing gets people noticed – Lady In Red, anyone?
  • In decorating, red is often used as an accent, so a blind is the perfect way to provide a highlight in your minimalist décor

So, why not add a touch of style to your lovenest with a romantic red from our ranges here:

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