Peter’s problem strikes a cord with Made To Measure Blinds

Problem blinds are a bind, so it’s no surprise that this clip of Peter in Family Guy caught our eye.

Here’s our hero manfully doing battle – and losing – with a badly behaved blind and understandably losing his temper.

As you can see, the clip attracted the attention of blogger Deyan Halachliyski.

He wrote: ‘The other day I was watching Family Guy’s latest episode – 12 And A Half Angry Men – and this funny scene inspired a post.

‘I guess the animation says it all. To open/close the blinds you’re supposed to alternately pull on the two strings.

‘Although I knew the theory I could never do it in practice – one of the sides was always lower than the other.

‘Clearly no one wants to have the left part all the way up and the right halfway down, so why was it designed this way? Why couldn’t there just be a single string doing all the work or one for opening and one for closing?’

Well, Deyan (and Peter) we can explain.

The amount of cords will depend on the width of the blind, and the wider you go the more ladder cords will be required to support the blind and slats. There is no way round it – you just can’t operate a blind with just one cord.

So to avoid Peter’s problem in the past all you needed to do was pull all the cords at the same time together and the blind would have risen equally.

However, EU regulations introduced in April 2014 on child safety addressed the issue of loose and looped cords and solved Peter’s problem as well.

As a result of the new regulations all cords or multiple cords must now enter a cord collector at the top of the blind, and then exit the other side of the acorn as a single cord so all cords now remain the same level.

So, we still have multiple cords, but the safety measure keeps them all together.

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