Mix the rough with the smooth for some great interior design effects

Be bold when you mix the rough with the smooth, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the simultaneously chic and gritty results.

There once was a time when texture in our homes came in two varieties – industrial and super-smooth.

Industrial was all about raw brick and rough galvanised steel, while smooth centred on luxurious velvets and the sleekest of chromes. And never the twain shall meet, as they say… until now.


This season, we’re mixing it up when it comes to texture – and that includes your Made To Measure blind.

It all started with the trend for reclaimed and recycled materials, reformed into chic new objects of desire – and Timothy Oulton is the name to conjure with in this context, of course.

But now we’re putting together fabrics and finishes that once would never have gone cheek by jowl. Carved concrete coffee tables stand on fine-grained wooden floors; distressed wood kisses up to marble fireplaces.

Naturally, there’s a trick to getting it right. Creating a mash-up of perfect textures isn’t merely a case of jamming together any old thing – but it’s a lot of fun getting the ideal mix and match to work by trial and error.

Start, as ever, with a keynote piece – furniture or even an accessory. For instance, the Craven sofa from Barker and Stonehouse with its plump cushions and deep-buttoned arms has a look that’s classic with a contemporary twist and makes an excellent focal point for a room.

There’s no doubt the Craven is a smoothy and definitely luxe – but by teaming it with distressed wall woodwork, and the rustic Bowery coffee table (also Barker and Stonehouse) it morphs into something truly fresh and different.

The secret is in the palette of muted tones – greys, pale blues and natural woods work wonderfully together to create a cohesive whole out of extremely different elements. When you’re ready to start planning we have some beautiful palettes to choose from at My DIY Blinds. Take a look at our classic range of Roller Blinds available.

Take a look, too, at the fabulous teaming of sleek botanical-print cushions with hard-edged wood and a gleaming copper light-shade; this collaboration works because of the complementary green and brown tones – you could work similar magic in a different colourway using the Laura Oakes floral cushion from Debenhams as your starting point.

The smooth Stanton grey bookcase from Next could be another textural talking point in any room, stacked up with touchy-feeling objet trouves, such as bleached driftwood and shells, colourful dog-eared books for dipping in and out of for a quick read, and shiny accessories such as the amusingly kitschy pineapple trinket jar (also from Next).

It wouldn’t be textural without rugs and throws, of course, and I’m charmed by Tesco Direct’s grey tartan rug – the Highland look is definitely on-trend at the moment. As an extreme alternative, who could resist Cuckooland.com’s indoor outdoor pond stripe rug in green and blue?

Try a rough-spun wool throw on the arm of a velvet chair; group gleaming glass vases or jars on a reclaimed-wood side table where they reflect the light and turn a forgotten corner into an eyecatcher.

And don’t be afraid to be bold – mix up the luxe and the rough for a change and bring a little more texture into your life.


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