Marsala is a warm choice for colour of the year, but use sparingly to complement your room!

It’s officially the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015 – but is anybody sure what shade Marsala is, and what does that have to do with a Made to Measure Blind?

Pantone explains: Marsala, it says, is a naturally robust and earthy wine red that enriches our minds, bodies and souls.

Great! Because Marsala (the colour, not the wine) also happens to look great in our homes. Deep reds are always a favourite when it comes to warming up a room – even as a feature wall they can add glamour and a sense of intimacy.

However, Marsala is certainly a strong colour and could easily overwhelm a small space – it’s definitely not the right shade to choose if you want to make a space look bigger. This is great news if you choose it as base colour for your blinds, since a blind is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a room that is mainly minimalist white or slightly off-white.

Discretion is often the better part of valour here – a little deep red can go a long, long way. For example, we love the way the richness of the patchwork rug complements the amazing recycled wood Mary Rose unit and the distressed leather of the sofa in the room we show here, styled by Barker and Stonehouse. The feature wallpaper looks fab in this context, too.

Marsala-coloured accessories add the right red touch to a room, too, which is why we’ve included the Grand Ombre vase (also from Barker and Stonehouse). It stands a metre tall and would look striking either alone or as part of a group.

Deep red lends itself splendidly to rich fabrics, and we’re impressed at the luxe look of Furniture Village’s Remy three-seater sofa – it has a slightly decadent Deco styling that goes perfectly with the plush feel. You could add a bit of fun with House of Fraser’s Flamingo cushion, maybe matching it perfectly with the blind we’re featuring below.

Dotcomgiftshop’s red glass balloon would look pretty hanging in a window and it will cast warm shapes across the room on a sunny day – which goes to prove that baubles certainly aren’t just for Christmas!

If all that red is too much for your taste, look to closely-related colours such as plum and deep oranges. The selection of lights we’ve highlighted come from BHS, but they all look fantastic against the faded plum wall.

Think hard about lighting in a Marsala-coloured room; it’s a colour that absorbs light, so you’ll need plenty of lamps and candle lanterns.

The results, though, will be magnificent – and we’ll raise a glass to that. Marsala, maybe?

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