Literally Lyrics – What Would Pop Stars Own According to Their Lyrics?

The biggest pop stars can often become iconic figures, adored by millions around the world with sold out shows wherever they go, but what about the words behind their music? Lyrics can often go mostly undetected by casual listeners, the type that will be able to sing along to the catchy chorus as it plays out on the radio, or hum the melody as they trudge their way to work, but couldn’t name you the B side off of the last single as the real fans would.

Well, what if someone looked closely at these lyrics and not just that, what if they took every lyric as a solid fact? That is just what we have done.

The rules of something counting on our list were pretty simple:

  • Any item that sounds like it is theirs, is being used by them or has been given to them
  • Avoid obvious metaphors
  • Can be from any track by the artist, doesn’t have to just be from an album or a single

As a company based in the interior design area we wanted to see what kind of items artists brag about owning. We imagined big houses, gold plated kitchen tables, diamond encrusted blinds, that kind of thing. Though we often found the lyrics mentioning about all the cars they owned, the huge sums of money they were making and their sold out shows, we also found some much more obscure and surreal items to add in. For an example, one of Drake’s lyrics talks about him having ‘a black box where suggestions go’. Maybe Drake really does have a black box for suggestions? If anyone has been to his house, do let us know. We have a couple to that you can pop in for sure.

Of course this is all tongue-in-cheek but it did throw up some interesting information. For instance the most popular car that kept cropping up in lyrics across the artists was the Maybach, and that Justin Bieber really does seem to come from out of space. Perhaps the latter isn’t totally surprising!

Next time a song comes on the radio why not listen extra carefully to the lyrics and see what weird and wonderful things would come out of that song if you did your own ‘Literally Lyrics ‘ version.

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