Lights Out with Blackout Blinds

They are a popular selling product for a variety of reasons.  Blackout blinds are an effective way to block almost all the light from permeating through the window.  Given the smallest space between the window frame and the blind and allowing for some movement of the roller blind due to air currents within the home, it is not possible to achieve 100% room darkening with a Blackout blind.  However compared to all other window coverings it is your best bet if you wish to filter most of the light from your space.


Why Choose a Blackout Blind?

New parents are the most common purchasers of blackout blinds.  Having a new infant in the home and a sleep cycle that is often dictated by light, young parents quickly realise the value of a good quality blackout blind in their child’s room.  It is easier to put a young child to bed in a dark room and to coordinate midday naps for children when they are not distracted by sunlight and black out blinds are a great way to fool the circadian rhythm of your infant.  Imagine the benefit of a lay in one morning, rather than waking up at the crack of dawn.

Many individuals also work alternative shifts.   They may be required to work throughout the night and get their rest during the daytime.  Much the way it is hard for children to fall asleep when the sunlight is inviting through the window, it is also difficult for adults to fall asleep in the same manner.   Other do-it-yourself methods of blocking light including the installation of foil backing or paper may do the trick, but are an eyesore.

You don’t have to choose between utility and décor appearance when you choose a blackout blind from My DIY Blinds.  Our tutorials teach you how to measure your window accurately for the best possible fit.   We also provide a variety of fabric choices to customise your bespoke blackout blind order, and guarantee that you will find a shade or pattern that you absolutely love.  Blinds do not have to be boring and we have taken the time to choose fashionable fabrics that will compliment any décor.

Installation of a roller blind is very easy and they are a low maintenance type of window dressing which is easy to clean.  The vertical structure of the roller blind makes it less susceptible to accumulating dust or particulates, which can have everyone in the house breathing a lot easier.

Find our fabulous roller blind samples here and review the video installation tutorial for roller blinds in our FAQ section.   At My DIY Blinds we pride ourselves on our customer service and our website is designed to help you order your new window covering with confidence.   Should you require additional assistance, our friendly customer service staff is available by phone to assist you with your purchase or installation.

Choose a blackout blind from My DIY Blinds and enjoy a solid night’s sleep!

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