Keep it light for a New York state of mind – with a blind to help

Interior designers this season are taking some of their inspiration from gorgeous homes across the Atlantic.

Brooklyn, once an industrial area, is now home to New York’s most fashionable people, who have converted warehouse buildings into airy apartments and homes.

It has inspired an interior design trend all of its own, where rich leathers combine with reclaimed woods, striking patterns and ethnic fabrics.

It’s a look that’s cool yet welcoming – and fortunately, you don’t need to have a loft to create it!

Whatever the size of your room, you can take a few steps that will get you bang up to date on the latest trend.

Texture and colour play an important part, so choose accessories in brilliant colours with bold geometric designs such as cushions and ethnic rugs, laid over stripped floorboards or even a more industrial finish such as polished concrete – very trendy!Furniture pieces in soft leather – the more distressed and worn the better – look fantastic here and add a feel of comfort that’s really important. The look is industrial, but it should always be somewhere you can relax.

Cabinets and coffee tables in reclaimed wood fit in well here, and once again fit in with a very popular interior design movement.

It’s also important in this look to think about how the room is lit. Make the most of natural light by avoiding curtains and opting for light blinds, to continue the pared-back theme.

Wooden blinds fit particularly well into this theme, because they are contemporary and stylish. They’re also a gift to the homeowner because they’re a lot easier to keep dust-free than heavy curtains.

Venetian slatted blinds are perfect for the ‘warehouse’ look, because they are stylish and modern. Usefully, the slats can be tilted and part-opened to create a sense of privacy in your room – important when you need to chill out in peace.

At night, your blinds will give your room an intimate feel without ever looking cluttered. That’s when lamps come into their own, creating pools of light in key spaces – this year, also look for copper accessories such as pendant light shades that can differentiate areas such as dining space.

The rest comes down to nice individual touches – lovely cushions on your leather sofa, a woollen throw in warm colours, or maybe objects you have found, such as driftwood and pebbles, prettily displayed on a shelving unit.

Keep this look fairly sparse – choose your accessories carefully and display them well with plenty of space around them.

You may not be able to head over the Atlantic for inspiration yourself, but you can certainly get the feel – and get your home into a New York state of mind!

Choose your wooden blinds with us!

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