How a Made To Measure Blind can bring texture into your scheme

Mention interior design and most people immediately think of colour and style of furnishings. At My DIY Blinds another key element springs to mind – texture.

It could be because we have such a fabulous range of textured blinds to share with customers, but looking at the wider picture, we love to inspire the imagination while also acknowledging the practical aspects of design. Texture – often overlooked – can play a crucial role in the feel of a room, whatever its size.

Texture can change the entire character of a living space, either by making a striking impact or by providing a subtle contrast to smooth, minimalist lines. Here’s how …


The visual impact of a room is instant, so once the eye has appreciated how the room looks – its first impression, if you like – texture can take things a little deeper, either by providing a second layer of visual interest or by providing a tactile element.


Is the room naturally light? This might influence your choice of flooring, because a carpet won’t reflect as much light as a wooden floor. In the same way a smooth, shiny Venetian blind will give a very different feel to a textured vertical blind or a pleated blind.


Think about how the room is going to be used. You will be aiming for a totally different feel to a kitchen, study or family games room when compared with a lounge or room being used for entertaining or as your home cinema, for instance. Rooms where you’re aiming for cosiness will have more texture than those where you’re aiming for clean lines with a functional, efficient feeling to them. That’s not to say that textures are out of place in a kitchen or bathroom, but it is essential to plan carefully.

So how can we achieve those aims and what elements of a room are suitable for textures?


Wallpaper and paint can both be textured, softening the surface or adding flair, depending on how flamboyant you want to be. You could also add wooden panelling to a feature wall to add character.


Flooring is a crucial element in any home, because by its nature everyone comes into contact with the floor, whereas hardly anyone touches a wall. Carpets provide a sumptuous feel but can appear tatty when not cared for properly, while wooden flooring is durable and smart, retaining its good looks for years.


Tiles are applied to walls and floors, so choice of finish is crucial. Matt or shiny, dark or light, whatever your choice a textured blind will complement the look perfectly.


You can be at your most creative when choosing furniture, with so many materials available. Leather, wood, chrome and glass all combine in various ways to set the tone for a room, whether you’re aiming for elegance for traditional dining or stylish functionality in a kitchen-diner. Again, your choice of blind can provide the perfect finishing touch.


When it comes to texture the Made To Measure Blinds Vertical Blinds and Pleated Blinds ranges offer terrific options, as you can see in these images.

We hope our suggestions inspire you in your room makeovers.


Made To measure Blinds Vertical Blind specifications

• Mounted on a powder coated aluminium white or brown headrail.

• Quality louvers with white hangers, weights, control cord and chains.

• Metal Brackets with fixings, provide top, and face fix options.

• Draw cord weight.

• Child safety device, installation mandatory.

• Multiple control options at order stage.

• Min width 25cm max width 350cm.


Made To Measure Blinds Pleated Blinds 

Explore our the beautiful textures of our fabrics with shades of blue, grey, white, cream, beige, peach and terracotta.

Our regular fabrics are made of 100 per cent Polyester and offer glare reduction with a sun protection (SRC) factor of (8) of 9.

The reflectance rate of heat and sunlight through our pleated blinds is 59 per cent with an absorption rate of 31 per cent heat held in the fabric.

The structure of the blinds helps to filter sunlight and protect your furnishings from sun damage while helping you save on heating and cooling energy costs for your home.



• The beautiful taupe bedspread (above) colouring enhances the cross-stitch design and pattern of the velvet bedspread. The rich, exquisite velvet material can be used to add a touch of decadence to any bed. Your bedroom should be designed to please the senses and this bedspread with its gorgeous combination of taupe and velvet will do just that.  From, $260

• Wonderful contrast of wood and glass in furniture in the Normann Copenhagen Ding Table (above) is from, $325

• This textured Gingham Retro Lampshade (right) is from, $29.95

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