Grey Roman Blinds Made to Measure

Are the curtains in your den so cute you feel them laughing at you each time you sit down to read, study or work? Have you considered removing them only to realize that too much exposure to sunlight and prying eyes might be worse than those giggling window treatments? Perhaps it is time to consider black, silver or grey roman blinds from My DIY Blinds. The bold designs of these darkly shaded blinds bring privacy to your work or living space while keeping the room inviting and comfortable at the same time. The folds and contoured lines of roman blinds add a soft touch to a space, while dark colours and robust patterns give a more grown-up feel to the area than those discarded nursery curtains you had before.

For those seeking to catch a few winks in the wing-backed chair before dinner or others pestered by the nosy lady next door, blackout lining is available for most roman blinds. Don’t be surprised if the lady next door resorts to popping by at teatime to spy or, as she says, catch up on neighbourhood gossip. But if you’re lucking she’ll bring along some of those delicious biscuits for you to enjoy.

Once your window treatments have quieted down and begun to fulfil their purpose, you’ll be able to get on with ignoring responsibilities once again. If neither your spouse nor the neighbours can catch you napping instead of finishing reports or answering emails, you might even get out of helping with the housework.

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