Go back to nature with a made to measure roller blind

Celebrity TV presenters Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury have a lot to answer for.

An average of 5.5 million viewers tune in to watch them on Countryfile on BBC One and the programme has seen peaks of 6.3 million. But the real stars of the show are the creatures featured.

Similar shows on other channels generate huge interest and the ranks of nature lovers – already booming in conservation-aware Britain – are being swelled with every tweet of a bird and every flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

Property-owners love to reflect their passions in the décor of their homes, which is why our range of nature-inspired prints is proving so popular. People just love the natural world.

Here are some of the variations that are making our blinds such a hit.

  • Subtle designs – The fabrics and prints lend a subtlety to the creatures featured. There is almost a subliminal feel to our papillon autumn blind, for example, with gentle yet unmistakable butterflies merging with gorgeous floral petals.
  • Unusual hues – Add a burst of colour to contrast with the minimalist design so popular in contemporary interior design. Made to measure blinds with a splash of orange, red or pink do just that – to terrific effect.
  • White space and silhouettes – Our osprey natural and osprey duck egg designs will appeal to you if you prefer the more muted approach.  The birds and the branches on which they perch are white silhouettes against the colour background.
  •  The lighter touch – The dragonfly red thumb design uses the gentlest of lines to suggest the presence of a dragonfly, and this delicate approach is appreciated by many – as our orders will testify.


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