Get Playful with Colour Blinds

When it comes to window coverings and blinds there are no written guidelines about what is appropriate and what is not in terms of colour and design.   For traditional spaces neutral tones such as beige or white are still frequently chosen for areas such as kitchens and sitting rooms.  The habit of choosing neutral tones stems from practicality, as they are certain to match any floor, paint or furnishings in the home.   Blinds purchased in neutral shades are appropriate for refined conservative tastes.

But when it comes to designing a space that will inspire the creativity of your child, we recommend that you bend the rules a little to explore some uncommon options.   Decorating a child’s room is a great opportunity to unleash a dash of whimsy and a bold pallet of colours are available to create a space that will engage your child’s senses.   With some interesting colour combinations your son or daughter can enjoy a room that is anything but average.

While any style of bind can be applied for a child’s bedroom, the most popular one for young children is the roller blind.   Parents can rest assured that a roller blind is a safe choice as it does not have any cords or other components which may require additional caution.  The roller blind is easy for the child to use and can be closed with a gentle pull at the bottom and they are worry free to clean with a damp cloth.  Roller blinds are also excellent at blocking out light to help parents win the battle for an early bedtime.

Explore fun patterns such as our Gloucester Raspberry which is a brightly printed fabric with a crisp linear appeal.    If there is more than one window in the room consider choosing the same type of window covering in two complimenting fabrics.   Pair Gloucester Raspberry with a rich solid pattern such as the lush Acacia Raspberry or try pairing the playful Brunch Yellow pattern with the complimenting Acacia Buttercup.   To add a quaint touch of warm earthy texture, choose roller blinds in the Amazon Seagrass fabric.

Remember when designing space for a child, you are more than permitted to break the rules a little to create an interesting room that will engage and stimulate your child.  And it is the best excuse ever to go a little wild in your colour choices and have some fun!

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