Creating Warmth with Semi-Transparent Blinds

Typically when we think of window blinds we consider their function as a means to blocking out light entirely, creating relief from the glare of sunlight as well as affording a degree of privacy.  The utilitarian view of blinds has evolved according to interior design experts who now realise the potential for blinds to accentuate the décor esthetic.   One of the more interesting trends right now is the application of semi-transparent blinds.

My DIY Blinds offers two types of pleated blinds to address varying customer preferences for light and heat penetration.  Our standard pleated blind is offered with an SRC backing which provides additional filtration reflecting more than 50% of UV rays.  For the average home that amounts to savings in energy costs as the pleated blind helps to repel heat keeping the home cooler in the summer.  It also works to retain heat during the colder seasons and acting as a barrier to prevent warm air from escaping through the window.

The standard pleated blind is constructed of 100% Polyester with an SRC factor of 8/9.  Our pleated blinds can absorb up to 59% of the UV rays that penetrate your window while retaining more than 31% of the heat within the fabric.

The second type of fabric structure we offer is our Designer Series which includes some striking fashionable patterns in a more transparent pleated blind.  The Designer Series fabrics do not offer an SRC backing which allows them to remain fashionably sheer, showcasing the intricate patterns and textures of the pleated blind.  If you are considering a bold décor statement with high impact window coverings, consider some of the designer fabrics such as Albany Chocolate or the opulent Pandora Stone.

Due to the absence of SRC backing on the Designer Series fabrics, they perform at a lower rate in terms of light and heat absorption.  However many customers find the delicate fabrics to be an ideal decorative touch in rooms where privacy or heat reflection are not top priority.   The pleated blinds with designer series fabrics still offer a moderate degree of protection and functionality but are designed for style and aesthetic first.

Breaking away from traditional design guidelines can be fun, and we are seeing a trend of contemporary applications of semi-transparent blinds in bold colours.  With a brightly hued fabric, a pleated blind can cast a colourful glow on a room accentuating other elements within the colour scheme.  Vibrant reds and deep aubergine colours are beautiful focal points in an otherwise neutral setting.   Let your creativity guide you!

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