Bring Spring Into Your Home With Lilac Roman Blinds

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring? Flowers, of course. Bright, tiny blooms on trees. Big, fat roses popping up in bushes. Even the yellow dandelions that so many consider as weeds inform us that spring is here… and that we should savor it while it lasts.But is it springtime in your home? Or is your decor full of dark, wintery colors? You can instantly cheer up your living areas with the addition of the sweet color of lilac.

Lilac is such a springy color — it’s soft, it’s pretty, and it’s warm. It can turn very girly, but you can keep it classic by pairing it with gray, classic brown wood, silver, and/or touches of black.

May I suggest lilac roman blinds? You could add them to your feminine bedroom, to a bright kitchen eating nook, or to an eclectic living room. Balance them out with masculine furniture and/or decor and you’ll love the springy feel that lilac roman blinds can bring into your home.

Here are the lilac roman blinds that we have in stock:

– The Islita Hyacinth roman blind has a beautiful color of lilac and it is also textured for added interest.
– If you want some more movement in your roman shades, consider the Lori Amethyst roman blind. It has a neutral background with bright lilac vines swirling their way around the shade.
– Looking for something more flowery? The Dewberry Clover roman shade, with a cream background, brown leaves, and dark lilac flowers, would be a great choice for you.
– Other lilac roman shades that have plant and/or flower designs include the Willowy Amethyst roman shade, the Vittorio Plum roman shade, the Leanne Heather roman shade, and the Kenitra Heather roman shade.
– A darker option is the Nevarra Plum roman shade. This sophisticated shade has a plum background with neutral colored leaves throughout it.
– Another dark lilac roman shade is the Luxford Lilac roman shade. It is solid colored, with a simple texture.

Before it turns cold again, celebrate the warm season and the beauty of spring by bringing in some lilac in your home decor.

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