Get Playful with Colour Blinds

When it comes to window coverings and blinds there are no written guidelines about what is appropriate and what is not in terms of colour and design.   For traditional spaces neutral tones such as beige or white are still frequently chosen for areas such as kitchens and sitting rooms.  The habit of choosing neutral tones stems from practicality, as they are certain to match any floor, paint or furnishings in the home.   Blinds purchased in neutral shades are appropriate for refined conservative tastes.

But when it comes to designing a space that will inspire the creativity of your child, we recommend that you bend the rules a little to explore some uncommon options.   Decorating a child’s room is a great opportunity to unleash a dash of whimsy and a bold pallet of colours are available to create a space that will engage your child’s senses.   With some interesting colour combinations your son or daughter can enjoy a room that is anything but average.

While any style of bind can be applied for a child’s bedroom, the most popular one for young children is the roller blind.   Parents can rest assured that a roller blind is a safe choice as it does not have any cords or other components which may require additional caution.  The roller blind is easy for the child to use and can be closed with a gentle pull at the bottom and they are worry free to clean with a damp cloth.  Roller blinds are also excellent at blocking out light to help parents win the battle for an early bedtime.

Explore fun patterns such as our Gloucester Raspberry which is a brightly printed fabric with a crisp linear appeal.    If there is more than one window in the room consider choosing the same type of window covering in two complimenting fabrics.   Pair Gloucester Raspberry with a rich solid pattern such as the lush Acacia Raspberry or try pairing the playful Brunch Yellow pattern with the complimenting Acacia Buttercup.   To add a quaint touch of warm earthy texture, choose roller blinds in the Amazon Seagrass fabric.

Remember when designing space for a child, you are more than permitted to break the rules a little to create an interesting room that will engage and stimulate your child.  And it is the best excuse ever to go a little wild in your colour choices and have some fun!

My DIY Blinds offers quality window coverings at a fraction of the cost that you would pay elsewhere.  Discover the convenience of shopping online and having your new binds delivered right to your front door, made to measure just for you.

The Advantage of Bespoke Blinds

Have you ever purchased a blind that did not fit properly?  Despite having your accurate window measurements in hand, have you ever found yourself driving from one store the another looking for the size you need for your home?  Retail stores do an excellent job of carrying standard sizes, which is all well and good if you have a standard sized window, which is common with new builds.  But the majority of homeowners find themselves inconvenienced and frustrated if their window is a non-standard size, which is the case for more than 70% of residential homes in Australia.

Purchasing the wrong size of blind for your window can be an exercise in futility.   Light and heat will permeate through the space between the window frame and a poorly fitted blind is simply not worth the expense when you can order a perfectly fitted custom blind from My DIY Blinds.  We also offer a greater selection of designs and fabrics than most retail stores which allows our customers to get creative and order their own unique window coverings, rather than having mass produced blinds without any customization.

When you order bespoke service blinds you can be sure that you will receive an exact fit.  Our tutorials offer tips and instruction on how to measure your window frame according to the type of blind that you wish to install.  By providing this resource we can be sure that the correct measurements will be ordered and delivered to the satisfaction of our clients.

When considering the advantages of ordering bespoke blinds, think about the time and energy (as well as expense) you save ordering your window coverings online from the comfort of your own home.   Before you decide on a pattern or colour, we invite you to take advantage of our free samples which allow you to evaluate the product in your own home.   By providing free samples we take the guess work out of ordering blinds online and our customers enjoy the confidence of seeing in-hand the quality of the product before ordering.  And remember our friendly customer service department is always available to provide additional support and information if required.

You have better things to do with your time than driving around looking for window blinds.  And because you are ordering online and installing the blinds yourself, you save compared to purchasing blinds with installation services.  We are pleased to pass those savings right back to you with some of the most competitively priced and affordable blinds on the market.

My DIY Blinds offers a wide selection of blind styles, finishes and fabric choices including exclusive designer patterns.  Explore the creative styles and refresh your home with new quality window coverings.

A Healthy Home: Blinds and Indoor Air Quality

Everyone loves a great bargain during these economic times where British families are tightening their budgets and belts when it comes to all purchases and necessities.  We have families too, and we understand the challenge and drive to find the best possible price and savings.

Stumbling upon some imported retail plastic blinds can be tempting.  Mass produced, available in a variety of sizes and shades, you may make the assumption that “all blinds are created equal”.  After all, they do function in the same way mechanically and the lower the cost the better.  But exactly what cost are you paying if the plastic blinds you are purchasing negatively impact your health?

While goods that are produced in the UK are subject to laws and standards regarding the materials that can be used, these same standards do not exist in other countries.  Subsequently you can see a flood of blinds on the market that are made from plastic materials and mostly commonly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is both environmentally unhealthy as well as contributory to poor indoor air quality.

The Harm of Plastic Blinds

Plastic PVC blinds are made of several compounds that are known carcinogens.  They contain the chemical Phthalate which is a compound that is used to give plastic its flexible properties.  This compound is presently being banned around the world for the production of children’s toys as it is known to be harmful causing endocrine (hormone) disruption in human beings.

Some heavy metals are also used in the manufacturing of plastic PVC blinds.  Chromium, mercury and cadmium are frequently added to increase the durability of plastic and reduce its chemical breakdown when exposed to heat or sunlight.  Heavy metals are known carcinogens.

Lastly for the environmentally conscious the plastic PVC blind is non-recyclable and as the compounds break down with time as refuse, they contribute harmful chemicals to the soil and water tables.

Healthy Alternatives

Non-toxic window blinds are those constructed from natural materials such as wood.  These materials are not chemically treated in their composition and do not break down over time into harmful gases which can be released into the air.  Not only are wood blinds beautiful (allowing you to bring the look of the outdoors-in) but they can help you breathe much easier!

Another affordable but healthy choice is the aluminum blind.  Aluminum resists corrosion and provides excellent performance with regards to blocking sunlight.  It is a non-toxic and non-emission substance that is durable and easy to clean.

We all love to shop for bargains.  But sometimes you really do get what you pay for.  Choose products for your home that enhance your comfort and pleasure without compromising your health or the environment.  My DIY Blinds offers a number of natural fiber options and healthy choices for quality window coverings, and if you have any questions regarding the materials used in our manufacturing or our processes please contact us.  We’ll be happy to assist you by providing some peace of mind with your purchase of quality blinds.

Lights Out with Blackout Blinds

They are a popular selling product for a variety of reasons.  Blackout blinds are an effective way to block almost all the light from permeating through the window.  Given the smallest space between the window frame and the blind and allowing for some movement of the roller blind due to air currents within the home, it is not possible to achieve 100% room darkening with a Blackout blind.  However compared to all other window coverings it is your best bet if you wish to filter most of the light from your space.


Why Choose a Blackout Blind?

New parents are the most common purchasers of blackout blinds.  Having a new infant in the home and a sleep cycle that is often dictated by light, young parents quickly realise the value of a good quality blackout blind in their child’s room.  It is easier to put a young child to bed in a dark room and to coordinate midday naps for children when they are not distracted by sunlight and black out blinds are a great way to fool the circadian rhythm of your infant.  Imagine the benefit of a lay in one morning, rather than waking up at the crack of dawn.

Many individuals also work alternative shifts.   They may be required to work throughout the night and get their rest during the daytime.  Much the way it is hard for children to fall asleep when the sunlight is inviting through the window, it is also difficult for adults to fall asleep in the same manner.   Other do-it-yourself methods of blocking light including the installation of foil backing or paper may do the trick, but are an eyesore.

You don’t have to choose between utility and décor appearance when you choose a blackout blind from My DIY Blinds.  Our tutorials teach you how to measure your window accurately for the best possible fit.   We also provide a variety of fabric choices to customise your bespoke blackout blind order, and guarantee that you will find a shade or pattern that you absolutely love.  Blinds do not have to be boring and we have taken the time to choose fashionable fabrics that will compliment any décor.

Installation of a roller blind is very easy and they are a low maintenance type of window dressing which is easy to clean.  The vertical structure of the roller blind makes it less susceptible to accumulating dust or particulates, which can have everyone in the house breathing a lot easier.

Find our fabulous roller blind samples here and review the video installation tutorial for roller blinds in our FAQ section.   At My DIY Blinds we pride ourselves on our customer service and our website is designed to help you order your new window covering with confidence.   Should you require additional assistance, our friendly customer service staff is available by phone to assist you with your purchase or installation.

Choose a blackout blind from My DIY Blinds and enjoy a solid night’s sleep!

Door Blinds | Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors & French Doors

Windowed entrance ways are beautiful.  Wood frame doors with glass panes are unique and add a special element of inviting sentiment and design interest to your home, breaking away from the box standard full wood or metal doors.  Since the entrance of a home is located in an enclosed hall it can be dark, and windowed doors offer a great solution, opening the space up to warm natural sunlight.  Windowed doors are definitely a popular choice for patio or side entrances.

But when the sun goes down the need for privacy occurs for all windows.   Our well lit homes can become a gallery of observation once the darkness arrives and quite frankly, most of us are not comfortable with having others spectate the activities within our own homes.  And while none of us enjoys thinking of it, we do know that for safety reasons it is really best to close blinds and drapes at night.

The most popular solution historically was to cover the windowed doorway with a drapery.  Something light was generally selected so that light could permeate through the fabric.  But a semi-transparent curtain fabric will do very little to filter heat, light or provide the privacy you may want for that space.  So if you have an outdated semi-transparent drapery mounted on your windowed door, we’d like to offer you some ideas to affordably update both the appearance the functionality of your window covering.


Venetian Blinds

Did you know venetian blinds perform perfectly when installed on a windowed door? Given the mounting requirements most individuals do not think of venetian blinds first. However venetians are a great idea for a windowed door as you can adjust the angle of the slats to moderate the amount of light you allow into the room. Consequently venetian blinds can be pulled up and out of the way for window cleaning quite easily.

Roller Blinds

The use of roller blinds over windowed doors is returning to popularity once more and is somewhat of a throwback to vintage 1950 era style. Recently a product reviewer named Debra Hall installed a gorgeous roller blind on a door in her home. The beautiful results and her written review of the product and her experience with My DIY Blinds can be found on her site here. We also sell linked blinds so you’re able to achieve much larger widths than the largest 3000mm roller blinds.

If installing Venetian or roller blinds on a windowed door, create a finished trim box around the top of the venetian blind for a formal effect, be sure to tell us to use a ‘common fascia’ among the entire blind. This will hide the hardware and give the installation a polished professional look.

Panel Glide Blinds

If your doorway is an alternate exit that leads to a patio, you may consider a more casual window blind. Panel Glide blinds are produced from the same fabrics as roller blinds and have reduced gaps compared to vertical blinds. When used on an entrance way that leads to your patio or outdoor space, they’re easily slid open.  From a design perspective it ties together the feeling of the outdoors beautifully framing your access to the garden. It blends well with virtually any décor, adding depth and texture to the space.

Vertical Blinds

Similar to Panel Glide Blinds, they’re easily opened giving you easy access to the outside. You’re able to slide the slats out of the way when using high traffic areas such as the door! You’re also able to gently tilt open the slats over the entire length of the door to control exactly how much light is entering the room, you can’t do this with Panel Glides. Vertical tracks from My DIY Blinds are limited to 4.4m in length.


Curtains can be made to large widths, drapes are practically an excellent choice for over your sliding glass doors.

Roman Blinds

Although a popular choice, you must know that in order to access your door these blinds will need to be pulled all the way up, it can be a hassle in high traffic areas. Secondly you must have ample space above your door for them to stack, otherwise they will not clear the top of your door or window.


Check out our pelmets as well, the’re a great final accessory over your door blinds.

French Doors & Mounting onto doors

Be sure to specify you are wanting our miniaturised clutch and tubes if using roller blinds. Our 32mm tube and mini clutch roller blind range has been specifically designed to be caravan blinds, but they’re equally as great for mounting onto french doors, providing that excellent balance between aesthetics and function due to not standing out.

The other most popular option for mounting onto french doors and functioning as door blinds are:

  • Honeycomb Blinds
  • 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

They are very small depth wise and will usually fit under things such as door handles for an excellent fit. Secondly you want small depth blinds for mounting onto doors as it could possibly create issues when opening the blinds outwards, by obstructing itself when hitting the wall.

Front door blinds

Similiarly as above, if you have small width openings with limited depth you should opt for:

  • Honeycomb Blinds
  • 25mm Venetian Blinds

The above blinds also have the least amount of gaps on either side of the blinds, meaning you will be able to block out the most amount of light. Gaps on tiny window openings such as the side windows some home’s front door areas have will be really noticeable given the window size. But not with the above two choices!

Black is Back! Contemporary Design with Black Blinds

When you suggest the use of the colour black in an interior design scheme, most people imagine an unpleasant dark and dim effect.   Black is not one of the traditional colours in residential décor and yet it can have such an incredible impact on a neutral room.  Think of Cleopatra!  Just as outlining something in black draws attention and focus, so too can black blinds and patterns define and accentuate in a contemporary designed space.

Black Venetian Blinds

They are simply striking when installed in a room that offsets the dark linear venetian with some vibrant and warm colours.   Wood Venetian blinds are a popular choice as the wide slates of the natural wood create appeal  while defining the window space.  If installing black venetian blinds, we recommend choosing a lighter coloured window frame and trim to balance the colouration.  In the design example below, the decorator opted to use a white window frame and trim to balance the black blinds for a crisp effect.  It’s a lovely look paired with other rich wood finishes and neutral tones.   This same effect can be achieved with solid black vertical blinds or roller shades where it provides the perfect backdrop for other more vibrant colours without detracting from more important design elements  in the room.

Using Patterns

Solid black fabrics have their place, but what is trending at the moment are beautiful blinds and shades in assorted black patterns.   Shake up your interior design with a bold pattern particularly if you wish to use your window as a dramatic focal point in the room.  Much like hanging a piece of art, mural or other accessory your window can be an object of interest with the right fabric choice.

In this average sized bathroom, note how the use of a patterned black blind draws the eye upward to the light source in the small room?   The trim on the top of the window frame also works with the gorgeous pattern to create height in an otherwise confined area.  It is an excellent design strategy and  the overall effect creates additional space and loft in the room.  It is impossible not to notice the impact of the beautiful roller blind on the space and it functions very well in style and utility.


My DIY Blinds offers a number of striking solid black and patterned options. Check out our gorgeous “Jardin Coffee” pattern or the romantic Italian inspired “Firenze Black”. Our semi-transparent designer fabric collection (available on our pleated blind products) offer many new patterned options such as “Pandora Monochrome” .  Are you looking for a black and white pattern?  Check out our tasteful  “Tamara Monochrome”  fabric.  All of these fantastic options are available on our affordable roller blinds and pleated blinds.

Window coverings are an affordable way to refresh the appearance of your home or add some new flair and designer appeal.  Create your space with an unconventional twist on your window coverings with stylish blinds from My DIY Blinds.

Keep Calm and Show Us Your Blinds!

We know they are out there.  Those inherited draperies that your Mum gave you.  Those bent or broken blinds that have seen better days?  Is the fabric on your window coverings so old that you cannot even pretend to call it vintage?   Do you run to shut the spare room door whenever company calls so that no one sees your unfortunate blinds?

We are on a mission to uncover Australia’s ugliest blinds and window coverings.  Pull out your camera and take a photo of your monstrosity and give us a quick description why you think your window deserves to be a finalist in our fun contest!  Winners will be decided based on the photo and the description so tell us how much you dislike your current drapery or blind and convince us that you are most in need of window blind intervention!

Contest closes on August 31st, 2012.  Prizes of My DIY Blinds gift vouchers will be awarded in the amounts of $200 (first prize), $100 (second prize) and $50 (third prize).

Please note that all entrants must be aged 21 and older.  There is no cash value for the prize vouchers.  They may be redeemed for blinds merchandise only. Staff of My DIY Blinds or family members are not eligible to participate.

How to Enter

  • Send us an email
  • Invite your family and friends to subscribe and vote for your photo (or submit their own)
  • Vote on submissions and receive a 5% purchase discount for participating.

Request your 5% purchase rebate via email

Contest Rules

  1. Only one photo submission and contest entrant per household. Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of mainland Australia.
  2. Submit a picture in .jpg format of your least attractive window covering.  Give us one or two reasons why you think your blind or window covering is in dire need of replacing.  Also include your first and last name and email address with your submission so that we may contact you if you win. *
  3. Vote on the submissions and invite your friends and family to vote for yours.  Please follow us on Facebook to receive all contest notifications.
  4. Any customer who “likes” our Facebook posts from July 30th to September 30th can receive a 5% rebate on their next order of blinds.  Simply email us to request validation and your rebate coupon.
  5. Winners will be announced on October 2nd, 2012 on our Facebook and Twitter channels.

10 ways to brighten up a children’s room with made to measure blinds

Brightening up a child’s bedroom needn’t be expensive – and it may even inspire them to keep it tidy.

Here are ten tips to turn your kid’s pit into a paradise – and we’ve provided images of our specially themed blinds to provide a stunning backdrop to the new-look room.

  1. Turn one wall into a montage of cut-out figures from posters, comics and magazines, pasted on and coated with a clear mat varnish. Kids will enjoy helping out in this giant decoupage and it can be updated by just sticking over the top.
  2. Lay cheery rugs on a stripped floor to add warmth and deaden the noise from pattering feet! Remember that rugs can be dangerous – make sure you put non-slip matting underneath to avoid any bumps.
  3. Candy-stripe it; use up all the remnants of different-coloured emulsions you have in the garage to create a rainbow-striped wall. Start one colour where another pot runs out!
  4. Make it personal. Cut out your child’s name in 2ft-high letters on brightly coloured glossy paper and paste to the wall; intermingle with stars and moons for a jolly effect.
  5. For older children, music sheets pasted to the walls and varnished over will create a sophisticated backdrop.
  6. Cover a wall in cork tiles to create a giant pin-board. Then give them a huge tin of drawing pins!

  7. If you have two children sharing a room, decorate each half in different (complementary) colours. It puts an end once and for all to squabbles about who owns what.
  8. Paint large cardboard boxes with emulsion and poster paint for storage boxes, doll’s houses, giant building blocks, dens, spacecraft, toy beds…the kids will add their own imagination.
  9. Turn the bed into a day-time sofa with piles of bright cushions, add matching curtains and lamps and a folding coffee table for when friends call. They’ll add the mugs themselves, probably by the dozen.
  10. And, finally, of course, add a blind – for a delightful focus to the whole effect.

How made to measure blinds will enhance your ‘outdoors-in’ interior design ideas

We’ve been living our lives more and more outdoors in recent years – despite the vagaries of the weather.

Our gardens and patios have become an extension of our homes. We open wide bi-fold doors and talk about ‘bringing the indoors out of doors’.

But what about doing it the other way round? Think about it – many garden accessories such as furniture are pretty much good enough to do double duty if you want them to.


Tough garden furniture in woven but hardy materials looks fantastic on the patio, but will also work well in a conservatory, where its rain-resistant construction is well up to withstanding sun through glass – especially if the light is correctly diffused by a made to measure blind.

There’s a strong trend these days for rustic and reclaimed wood, too, which works well as theme both indoors and out.

Purely for indoors, we’re wowed by the work of Thomas Bina, who uses exotic woods including peroba, walnut and shagren. Bina’s stylish and useful furniture displays warm patinas juxtaposed with rough and refined woods – excellent.

Because he uses recycled woods, each piece of furniture is always one of a kind. So his designs in the Hendricks range create a talking point in a room.


If a genuine Bina piece is out of your range, think creatively – could your deliciously weathered garden loveseat get a light makeover and find a place in your home, decked with gorgeous cushions?

We’re also enjoying the Botanics range from Matalan, which includes many accessories ostensibly for the garden that could add a touch of country charm to a kitchen. For instance, the Outdoor Butterfly wall art ($12) could be pretty anywhere, and we adore the Wicker Heart Lantern, seen just to the right edge of our picture ($12).
Even good old Wilko can offer some garden charmers to do double duty indoors – the handy and hardy enamel utility box reminds us that a gardener’s work is never done – absolutely!


A good cuppa always has a place in any home, whether indoors or out, and we’re charmed by the mug for the potting shed from dotcomgiftshop ($3.99). And another cutie-pie garden accessory that would look sweet just placed in the right corner of the room is the piggie watering can, which we picked up in Sainsbury’s for $10.



And once the weather genuinely gets too chilly to enjoy the outdoors, there’s another successful way to make sure you keep the summer in your home all year long.

White Company’s English Garden candle collection captures all the scents of a glorious summer, to be released throughout the darker months for a delicious reminder of lazy days. Fresh Herbs Votive $16, Cut Grass Votive $16, English Garden Votive $16 and English Garden Candle (Large) $30.

Add this year’s favourite interior design theme – gorgeous vases filled with blossoms – and you can bring the outdoors indoors any time you like (and you don’t even need to worry about an umbrella!)

How made to measure blinds in red will put you at the forefront of interior design

HAVE you been seeing red recently? It’s not rage – it’s ALL the rage!

Red, once confined to the kitchen, is top of the fashion pops. We’ve worked our way up to it through limes, yellows and the brightest of oranges, through to the more muted pastel shades – but now it’s finally come into its own.

Red is one of the most attention-grabbing and potent colours (just look at how often it pops up on TV’s home decor programmes).

Not for nothing do we call it the colour of passion – according to colour analysts, it has a strong effect on both our bodies and our senses.

The colour is particularly useful for dark or north-facing rooms that receive only cold light, making them seem cosy.

Rooms with a touch of red will seem warm and inviting, but be careful – too much can seem overpowering and claustrophobic.

Get a real head for red by adding splashes of colour with red rugs, throws and blinds to neutral or dark rooms.

Remember, red is a powerful colour, and if you use too much it can be a real eye-strain – keeping it as a highlight is best.

For instance, use red as an accessory to add emphasis to a pale, pretty colour scheme; poppies on bedding or a jar of bright red gerbera flowers.

In the dining room, brighten chairs with tasselled cushions and use heavy velvet throws as tablecloths to create a sumptuous look, or cheer up the room with perky gingham and scarlet crockery.

Red fits in well with the popular trend for minimalist decors. Let’s face it, all those wide spaces with whites, greys and blacks look tremendously stylish, but they can be a bit chilly.

A touch of red will warm them up while emphasising their modern good looks – leather is particularly effective. What’s more, red is a strong, masculine colour and fits in well with a ‘pad’ lifestyle.

But if minimalist doesn’t appeal, red can also be a useful colour. You can go the whole hog and combine luscious reds with terracottas and golds to create the Moroccan and Turkish look which will be popular again this year.

By mixing the warm colours, you can avoid red overkill and achieve a spicy mix to drive away the last of the winter chill.