The Beauty of Ivory Blackout Roller Blinds

Most everyone uses blinds within their home. Whether they are used to cover the kitchen window over a sink, to accentuate the living room area and add a touch of personalization or just to block out the light in a room during an extremely bright day, everyone wants a blind that is a little more personal than just picking up any set of blinds at a department store.With more choices available than ever today, many people are enjoying their ability to completely personalize their home and living areas with any type of blind they can think of. However, there are those that are more interested in getting a better night’s rest. For these people, using a blackout blind will reduce the level of light in their room so they get the quality sleep they truly need to tackle their work during the day.

If your room is painted with lighter colors, such as neutral tone gray, beige or eggshell, then using an ivory blackout roller blind would fit perfectly with the tone and style of the room. With these blackout blinds, none of the light from the outside world can penetrate your beautiful room. If you sleep during the daytime, the sun will not be able to interrupt your sleep as it peeks in and out from behind clouds in the sky. If you sleep at night, the flashing lights of the city will no longer be able to peer into your bedroom like an uninvited guest. The moon will no longer be able to shine it’s nighttime glow through your windows and onto your face.

Once your room is dark, you will experience a much higher quality of sleep. You will be able to fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer and remain in the deepest areas of sleep for an extended period of time. It is this kind of sleep that will enable you to awaken refreshed and energized. Try it and learn that something as simple as blocking the light from your home or bedroom can increase your enjoyment in life and improve your productivity throughout the day.

Ivory Pleated Blinds

There’s no denying that function is the primary consideration when choosing blinds. You’ll want blinds that are suitable for your specific application, whether it’s conservatory windows, French doors or the window over your kitchen sink. You may also need to think about views, privacy, energy conservation or room darkening. Naturally, you’ll want to make certain that the products that you purchase meet your high standards of excellence as well, with blinds that are well-constructed, built with quality materials and guaranteed to operate as advertised.At My DIY Blinds, we’ve taken all these practical aspects of blinds into consideration for you, leaving you free to focus on style. You may want to begin your style choices by thinking about the amount of natural light that you want in your space. If you want to bathe the room in soft, glowing ambience, ivory pleated blinds may be the ideal choice. Blinds in pale but warm colours like cream, beige or ivory add an inviting atmosphere to interiors.

You’ll find a broad array of ivory pleated blinds at My DIY Blinds, ensuring that you’ll find just the right creamy hue for every room in your home. Our pleated blinds are available in either polyester, for maximum durability, or jacquard, for maximum style. At My DIY Blinds, you have the option to choose pleated blinds with a sun-protective finish as well, when you want blinds that allow light in whilst keeping summer heat out.

My DIY Blind’s collection of pleated blinds offer a crisp, tailored look to windows, with a style that suits both contemporary and traditional furnishings. They draw up neatly into a compact stack. With our 60-month guarantee, you can select pleated blinds with confidence, knowing that your windows will look stylish day and night.

Blind Safety For Children

As you choose blinds, shades or any other type of window treatment for your home, make sure that all loose furnishings, such as cords or ties, are secured and away from small children. Sadly, many children are harmed each year by having access to loose cords hanging from blinds, shades and other window treatments. Placing cords high enough so they are out of the reach of curious hands may not be enough. Minimize the risk in your home by installing small, affordable hooks, cleats and control anchors to keep cords out of the reach of small children.

A cleat, which is a V shaped bracket, can be easily attached vertically to a wall with a screwdriver. Cords from venetian blinds, aluminum blinds and Roman shades can easily be wrapped around the cleat on an adjacent wall and away from children. The higher that the cleat is installed, the safer it will be. This is, however, a temporary hold. To use the cord, one will have to unwrap the cord from the cleat, which may tempt a child to later play with it, possibly harming themselves.For a more permanent hold, secure a hook to an adjacent wall. These hooks hold the cords of a roller blind or a Roman sidewinder blind in place. A homeowner can easily install these with a screwdriver also. If the cord is taut and not loose, then there is less risk that a child may be injured.A control anchor will also provide a permanent place for window treatment cords. A control anchor is a U-shaped clasp that will hold the cords in place. This device is also screwed into an adjacent wall. The cords are snapped inside the U and fit snugly. This device is commonly seen in hotel room windows. Permanent attachments, such as the control anchor and the hook are more effective than the cleat.While these devices can reduce the probability of harm, they are not foolproof. Follow all guidelines from your vendor and manufacturer about safety around children. Please remember to keep all bedding and furniture away from windows.

These simple accessories are easy to install and can be purchased through your window treatment vendor. Talk to your window treatment consultant for the best type of safety device for the windows in your home.


In the interest of safety, please keep all pull cords and chains out of the reach of children. Move cots beds and other furniture away from blinds and install safety devices, such as cleats and cord tidies, to limit access to cords. Hanging cords can be a potential risk to children, so the greatest care needs to be taken at all times.

Use Wood Effect Venetian Blinds to Personalise Your Home

Whether you are designing a room from scratch, updating an established look that you already love, or replacing window treatments throughout your home, try this made-to-order window accessory. Wood effect venetian blinds are the perfect way give a personal touch to your home. Wood blinds are timeless and efficient, decorative and durable. They are available in such a wide array of wood finishes that you can easily incorporate them into any design, or use them to inspire an entirely new style.

A very dark wood finish is perfect to enhance a sleek, contemporary room. With or without an added valance or drapery, this look is sure to please. If your style is shabby-chic, a white-washed wood finish is the one for you to consider. Enhance these blinds with breezy print or floral fabric panels to complete this window design. Try warm, honey-tone wood blinds to create a rich backdrop in a traditional, cozy room, or add to an elegant, classic design. Select a fabric tape accent to add even more custom style to your wood blinds. Use this to color coordinate or offer contrast with other design elements in your room. Wood blinds are also a design statement from the outside of your home. They can add value and beautiful curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Because they can be adjusted, wood effect venetian blinds are as practical as they are beautiful. The horizontal slats of these blinds can be rotated to let in the warm sun in the winter and keep out its heat in the summer, virtually adding insulation to your windows. Harmful sun rays and too-bright light can be filtered out, while scenic views and landscape still peek through to be enjoyed. This feature also protects precious furniture, carpets and rugs from direct sun while making your home more energy efficient.

No matter the look you are aiming to achieve, made to order wood effect venetian blinds are an investment to consider. Design experts are a great resource if you need assistance or guidance as you are designing your space. Wood blinds are a fashionable, functional and valuable addition to your home that will last – and please – for years.

Woven Wooden Blinds

When homeowners want to cover their windows with blinds that are easy to install and maintain, they often choose woven wooden blinds. These items provide light control, block out heat and cold, and add appeal to any room in a house. Moreover, they are easy to maintain. For that reason, when people remodel their homes, they often choose these blinds as a way to add convenience and style to their residences.

Once people purchase their blinds, they can choose to install these accessories by themselves. In fact, installation is quite simple. The blinds hang by steel headrails that can be inserted into brackets. A person must first decide if the blind will hang on the inside or outside of the window’s frame. Once the position is chosen, the brackets can be screwed into the wall until they are secure. The headrail and blind may then be hung over the window.

Woven wooden blinds also come in a variety of colours. When people want to lighten their rooms, they may choose woods in light colours like balsam, beech, briarwood, or pine. On the other hand, if a person wants the room to appear darker, colours such as teak, redwood, oak, walnut, and chesnut accomplish this task. Darker colours make rooms appear to be cozier and more intimate, while lighter colours are utilized to make a room appear airier and more spacious.

Unlike fabric blinds, woven wooden blinds can be maintained with relative ease. Like any blind, a woven wooden blind will accumulate dust over time. However, fabric blinds require that people take them down and wash them in a sink or tub. Wood blinds do not require such effort; rather, people can use feather dusters, vacuum cleaner hoses, or even a damp cloth to remove such debris. Dusting these accessories on a weekly basis helps them keep their shine and beautiful appearances. As such, homeowners appreciate these coverings for how easy they are to maintain.

Because they are durable, these coverings can be used in any room of the home. Some families fear that pets or small children will tear fabric blinds while they are running about the house. However, if a child or a pet runs into a wooden blind, homeowners do not have to fear its being torn. It can withstand a variety of activities and last for many years. Thus, people view these blinds as a good investment.

How to Drill Through A Ceramic Tile Safely – My DIY Blinds

We supply made to measure blinds to customers all around Australia. Our stylish, contemporary and traditional window blinds are made using the highest quality materials and we include free delivery straight to your door.

This video demonstrates how easy it is to drill you own ceramic tiles safely.

Contact us today for beautiful custom made blinds that won’t break the bank.

Relax In Privacy: Conservatory Blinds

While the good weather lasts, most of us will find our enjoyment outdoors in our gardens and exterior spaces.  If you have added a charming conservatory wing to your home, you will want to maximise use of it during the season.   Whether for entertaining or personal enjoyment, there are some excellent solutions and décor options to enhance your conservatory into a luxurious and private space that your family can enjoy.

Adding blinds to your conservatory will have many practical and comfort advantages.   If you like to lounge inside with a good book or sit together for a quiet moment, you may not want the neighbours to be looking in on you.  If you have a conservatory with a private garden view you may wish to install blinds on every side but allow for an open side where privacy is not an issue.  This would enable you to enjoy the landscape and natural light.

Evaluate the décor and furniture selection of your conservatory before you begin.  Is it a formal setting for proper entertaining or is it more of a relaxing casual design?  Depending on the overall theme or mood of your conservatory, there are many different types of coverings which are appropriate for bringing the “outdoors in” and enjoying it to the fullest.  Whether you want to make a bold contemporary statement or a traditional or classic one, custom blinds can do much to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

Style Ideas

An open conservatory is generally a bright and well lit room.  If you have a more formal style you may wish to invest in Roman Blinds, which come in a variety of opulent fabrics and colour choices for the window coverings that are at eye level.  The appeal of the Roman Blind is its ability to accentuate your furniture with a rich tapestry look, and when the blind is drawn the appearance remains plush and beautiful with a slightly romantic touch.

The most popular choice for window coverings in a conservatory is vertical blinds.  This is a classic choice that is easy to install as it is very durable in structure for daily use.  Vertical Blinds also offer the elegance of fabric choices and can be ordered with SRC thermal coating which helps to repel both the exterior cold and heat depending on the season.   The Vertical Blind is also a popular choice for families with young children as a damaged blind can be easily ordered and replaced.  My DIY Blinds offers more than twelve fashionable colours in vertical styles to choose from.

 If you are looking for a lower maintenance solution and wish to add a touch of wood warmth to the conservatory, consider choosing the Woven Wooden Blinds.   These durable blinds come in painted colours as well as natural wood finishes and offer a lovely contrast for a more casual seating area.

My DIY Blinds has a Safebuy Five Star Consumer Rating recognising our commitment to quality and customer service.  Recreate your space by ordering samples today, and vision your conservatory with fashionable and affordable new blinds.

Blinds in the Kitchen

The lines from a well-loved children’s poem say it best: The kitchen’s the cosiest place that I know; the kettle is singing, the stove is aglow… We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and if it is comfortable and cozy, all the better. Sunlight is a welcome guest in the kitchen, adding warmth and light. However, there are times when we want privacy or a little less light and heat coming in. At those times, blinds come in very handy.


Blinds are quite versatile because they can be constructed of a variety of different materials, including sheer or opaque fabric, natural wood, vinyl or aluminium. They can be trendy or traditional, subdued colours or vibrant ones. Depending on your preferences, needs, and the type of windows you have, you have a choice of venetian, Roman, roller, or pleated style blinds. With so many options, you are sure to find the right blinds for your kitchen.


Blinds help control the amount of light in the room. If your blinds are made of sheer or somewhat transparent fabric, they will soften the light and add beauty to your kitchen decor. If there are areas where you would like to block the light, as in the evening when the sun shines in your eyes as you are preparing tea, you may like something more opaque. Venetian blinds or a blackout roller blinds would work well for this scenario. There are blinds of every kind.

What blinds to choose? Roller, Honeycomb, Vertical, Panel, Shutters, Panel Glides, Curtains, Romans, Venetians…?

Between roller blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds and a host of other options available, it can be difficult to determine which blinds are best suited for your home. In general, blinds can serve the purpose of providing privacy to you and your family, and they can also allow you to easily control the amount of sunlight that enters the space. Other benefits include decreasing UV damage to furniture and carpeting and helping to maintain the temperature in a home by blocking sunlight and adding a layer of insulation to the windows. Some blinds, however, are more effective at providing some of these benefits over others. Identifying your functional needs as well as style preferences can help you to choose the right blinds for your space.

Sunlight Control

If you are interested in the ability to block out most of the sunlight from a room, roller blinds or pleated blinds are recommended over vertical blinds. Vertical blinds feature vertical slats that can allow sunlight to seep in slightly even when the blinds are fully closed. Pleated and roller blinds, however, provide a full sheet of material that covers the entire window. Consequently, pleated and roller blinds are also more ideal for temperature control than vertical blinds for this same reason. However, with pleated and roller blinds, your ability to allow partial sunlight into a room is limited. With vertical blinds, the panels can be rotated at any angle to allow greater control of sunlight in the space.


Blinds are commonly installed to give the home’s occupants privacy from peering eyes of neighbours and passersby. Pleated and roller blinds will provide maximum benefits with regards to privacy. Vertical slats can easily move as a home occupant or pet walks by. Further, if the blinds are opened at even a slight angle, neighbours and passersby can enjoy views of the inside of the home. Privacy from passersby may be less of a concern for those who live in a more rural area or who live on a heavily treed lot.

Choosing the right blinds for your home can be difficult. However, when you pay attention to these key points, you can more easily make a decision that is right for your needs.

Creating Warmth with Semi-Transparent Blinds

Typically when we think of window blinds we consider their function as a means to blocking out light entirely, creating relief from the glare of sunlight as well as affording a degree of privacy.  The utilitarian view of blinds has evolved according to interior design experts who now realise the potential for blinds to accentuate the décor esthetic.   One of the more interesting trends right now is the application of semi-transparent blinds.

My DIY Blinds offers two types of pleated blinds to address varying customer preferences for light and heat penetration.  Our standard pleated blind is offered with an SRC backing which provides additional filtration reflecting more than 50% of UV rays.  For the average home that amounts to savings in energy costs as the pleated blind helps to repel heat keeping the home cooler in the summer.  It also works to retain heat during the colder seasons and acting as a barrier to prevent warm air from escaping through the window.

The standard pleated blind is constructed of 100% Polyester with an SRC factor of 8/9.  Our pleated blinds can absorb up to 59% of the UV rays that penetrate your window while retaining more than 31% of the heat within the fabric.

The second type of fabric structure we offer is our Designer Series which includes some striking fashionable patterns in a more transparent pleated blind.  The Designer Series fabrics do not offer an SRC backing which allows them to remain fashionably sheer, showcasing the intricate patterns and textures of the pleated blind.  If you are considering a bold décor statement with high impact window coverings, consider some of the designer fabrics such as Albany Chocolate or the opulent Pandora Stone.

Due to the absence of SRC backing on the Designer Series fabrics, they perform at a lower rate in terms of light and heat absorption.  However many customers find the delicate fabrics to be an ideal decorative touch in rooms where privacy or heat reflection are not top priority.   The pleated blinds with designer series fabrics still offer a moderate degree of protection and functionality but are designed for style and aesthetic first.

Breaking away from traditional design guidelines can be fun, and we are seeing a trend of contemporary applications of semi-transparent blinds in bold colours.  With a brightly hued fabric, a pleated blind can cast a colourful glow on a room accentuating other elements within the colour scheme.  Vibrant reds and deep aubergine colours are beautiful focal points in an otherwise neutral setting.   Let your creativity guide you!