Yellow Pleated Blinds

We wait all year long for summer, for those lazy days and long hours of daylight, but sometimes it’s hard not to wish for the sunny glow of sunshine all the year round. At My DIY Blinds, our yellow pleated blinds make it easy to bring the sunny warmth of summer indoors. Light filtering though yellow blinds washes rooms with golden light and adds an uplifting, cheerful ambience to indoor living spaces.Imagine your conservatory bathed with golden light and also helps the space stay comfortably temperate. Choose yellow pleated blinds with a sun-protective finish to allow the light to enter your home whilst blocking out oppressive heat. On cold days, that same thin coating will help your home retain heat as well. With our extensive collection of yellow pleated blinds, you can enjoy abundant natural light without sacrificing privacy too. That aspect can add a layer of security to your home as well.

My DIY Blinds is pleased to offer a broad range of yellow pleated blinds, with hues that range from sunny yellows to golden mustard. We’re pleased to offer fabric choices as well. Polyester pleated blinds are an attractive and practical choice, particularly when moisture is a concern. Jacquard pleated blinds feature intricately woven fibres for a lush, rich look. All of our pleated blinds are crafted with care, presenting a crisp, tailored look that adds polished style to your home’s interiors, and whenever you want to draw the blinds open to enjoy the view, they fold up into a tidy, neat stack.

With My DIY Blinds yellow pleated blinds, you can enjoy the sunny ambience of summer all year long, and with our 60-month guarantee, you can be confident that your blinds will continue to look beautiful and function properly for many seasons to come.

Patterned Blockout Roller Blinds

We look forward to the long days of summer all year long, but when they finally arrive, those extra hours of sunlight can sometimes cause sleep disruptions. An affordable blackout roller blind provides a simple solution, darkening rooms when you’ve had enough sun for the day. You’ll quickly discover how useful they are in other situations as well. A darkened room makes it easier for babies to settle in at nap time. Day sleepers find it easier to adjust their biological clock when they sleep in a darkened room. Blackout roller blinds even make watching television more enjoyable, recreating the dark environment of the cinema.

As functional and practical as blackout roller blinds are, at My DIY Blinds, you have the added opportunity to add a bit of style to the window dressing as well. When drawn closed, roller blinds present an ideal surface for pattern and prints. Whether it’s a pattern of dancing bears to add charm to a nursery or a striped pattern of black, grey and silver for a chic, modern look, roller blinds give you the chance to turn an ordinary window covering into something special.

Crafted from a lightweight non-transparent fabric, My DIY Blinds patterned blackout roller blinds add another layer of insulation to your windows as well, giving you greater control over heating and cooling costs. When a window doesn’t offer an attractive view, patterned roller blinds allow you to create your own decorative vista. They’re also a practical solution when privacy or security is a concern, blocking views of the inside of your private domain.

My DIY Blinds patterned blackout roller blinds are available in a broad array of colours and patterns, ensuring just the right decorative touch to enhance your home’s décor. At My DIY Blinds, you never have to sacrifice style to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Improving your home with Cream Blackout Roller Blinds

A person can spend an alarming amount of time trying to make their home feel just right. With so many different aspects affecting the overall feel and mood of a home, one small item is often overlooked. While many people may attempt to change the feeling of a room by using different furniture or painting their walls a new color, few realize just how big of a difference installing a different type of blind onto their windows can make.When you have a room that just seems to be missing something, often the lighting can be off. If you are attempting to brighten up a room that has a great amount of sunlight coming into the room, then using a cream blackout roller blind may be just the touch you’re looking for. When a cream blackout blind is used, the light will be completely blocked from the room, giving you the ability to create the ambient lighting you wanted with the only the lights installed in your home.Another wonderful use for cream blackout roller blinds are in the bedroom. When you have light peering into your bedroom while you’re attempting to sleep, it can interfere with your body’s natural ability to stay in the deep sleep you need to face the day. However, installing this type of blind over the window will ensure you are able to sleep in complete darkness. With a blackout blind, no light is allowed to penetrate or glow through the blind. Unlike a traditional blind, these will guarantee maximum darkness in a room when you do not want any light from the outside world shining in.Whether you are just looking for something to spice up a room, to help create the right lighting without light from the outside affecting your room or to just get a better quality of sleep at night, a cream blackout roller blind can be just the right piece of hardware you need. With the possible applications of this blind being as many as you can think of, trying out a blackout roller blind may just leave you speechless.

Grey Roman Blinds Made to Measure

Are the curtains in your den so cute you feel them laughing at you each time you sit down to read, study or work? Have you considered removing them only to realize that too much exposure to sunlight and prying eyes might be worse than those giggling window treatments? Perhaps it is time to consider black, silver or grey roman blinds from My DIY Blinds. The bold designs of these darkly shaded blinds bring privacy to your work or living space while keeping the room inviting and comfortable at the same time. The folds and contoured lines of roman blinds add a soft touch to a space, while dark colours and robust patterns give a more grown-up feel to the area than those discarded nursery curtains you had before.

For those seeking to catch a few winks in the wing-backed chair before dinner or others pestered by the nosy lady next door, blackout lining is available for most roman blinds. Don’t be surprised if the lady next door resorts to popping by at teatime to spy or, as she says, catch up on neighbourhood gossip. But if you’re lucking she’ll bring along some of those delicious biscuits for you to enjoy.

Once your window treatments have quieted down and begun to fulfil their purpose, you’ll be able to get on with ignoring responsibilities once again. If neither your spouse nor the neighbours can catch you napping instead of finishing reports or answering emails, you might even get out of helping with the housework.

Accentuate Your Home With Grey Roller Blinds

There are many people that want to improve the look and overall tone of their home. This can be accomplished in many different ways, but one very overlooked aspect of designing a room or getting the right feeling with the lighting of the room are the blinds. With the right type of blind placed over your windows, you can get a much different feeling and energy out of a room.One very popular type of blind these days is grey roller blinds. This type of blind differs from a more traditional style because they roll downward, much like an old projector screen would. These beautiful and stylish blinds add a very unique and modern look to a home that is looking for a makeover without spending too much money.Placed in a room with grey walls, these quality blinds will help to lend a modern look of elegance to a room which may otherwise have just had that small touch missing. They also work very well for most black and white tones as well. Offering a nice middle ground, a grey blind can help to break up the white and black dominance, offering a wonderful and light glow to the room.When the sun shines through grey roller blinds, it’s effects are greatly reduced. However, the blinds still allow a lovely hue of light to illuminate the nearby surroundings. If you have a lounge area near a window, installing a grey roller blind on the windows can help to block out the sun when it becomes too much while still giving off the hearty glow that will put you in a good mood.With a wonderfully stylized home, you will better enjoy your time spent lounging and relaxing while at home. While many people go through life day after day yearning to get home from a long day’s work, few truly realize just how revitalizing having the proper feel and look to their home can be. One thing is for sure, once you have the right feeling in your home, you will always look forward to spending time there.

Bring Spring Into Your Home With Lilac Roman Blinds

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring? Flowers, of course. Bright, tiny blooms on trees. Big, fat roses popping up in bushes. Even the yellow dandelions that so many consider as weeds inform us that spring is here… and that we should savor it while it lasts.But is it springtime in your home? Or is your decor full of dark, wintery colors? You can instantly cheer up your living areas with the addition of the sweet color of lilac.

Lilac is such a springy color — it’s soft, it’s pretty, and it’s warm. It can turn very girly, but you can keep it classic by pairing it with gray, classic brown wood, silver, and/or touches of black.

May I suggest lilac roman blinds? You could add them to your feminine bedroom, to a bright kitchen eating nook, or to an eclectic living room. Balance them out with masculine furniture and/or decor and you’ll love the springy feel that lilac roman blinds can bring into your home.

Here are the lilac roman blinds that we have in stock:

– The Islita Hyacinth roman blind has a beautiful color of lilac and it is also textured for added interest.
– If you want some more movement in your roman shades, consider the Lori Amethyst roman blind. It has a neutral background with bright lilac vines swirling their way around the shade.
– Looking for something more flowery? The Dewberry Clover roman shade, with a cream background, brown leaves, and dark lilac flowers, would be a great choice for you.
– Other lilac roman shades that have plant and/or flower designs include the Willowy Amethyst roman shade, the Vittorio Plum roman shade, the Leanne Heather roman shade, and the Kenitra Heather roman shade.
– A darker option is the Nevarra Plum roman shade. This sophisticated shade has a plum background with neutral colored leaves throughout it.
– Another dark lilac roman shade is the Luxford Lilac roman shade. It is solid colored, with a simple texture.

Before it turns cold again, celebrate the warm season and the beauty of spring by bringing in some lilac in your home decor.

Blue Venetian Blinds Made to Measure

Just as in fashion, getting the colour right for your window dressings sets the style of the space. Windows are natural focal points, making them a primary design feature in any room. At My DIY Blinds, we understand that it’s not enough to offer a single colour but to offer a variety of hues and shades of that colour as well. That kind of selection is important when it comes to the colour blue. Blue can be cool and icy or deep and dark as midnight. Your choice of blue will affect not only the decorative look of your rooms but the mood and ambience of the space as well. My DIY Blind’s collection of blue venetian blinds includes colours that range from cool sky to sapphire. We offer an array of finishes as well. Our Ice Blue Venetian blinds have a matt finish. There’s a soft sheen to our Blue Haze blinds. Cool Aqua Venetian blinds have a glossy finish that reflects light beautifully. There’s a pearlescent finish on our Midnight Blue Venetian blinds that adds subtle highlights to the deep, rich colour. You can choose a hue that emphasises the colour or one that puts the focus on the natural light.Whether you want to add a discreet touch of blue to your interiors to accentuate your existing furnishings or whether you want to add a bold splash of blue to a window treatment to create a distinctive focal point, you can be sure that you’ll find just the colour blue at My DIY Blinds. With our 60-month guarantee, you can feel confident about the quality of the blinds that you purchase from My DIY Blinds as well. We’re committed to meeting all of your colourful design needs with quality blinds that function as well as they look.

White Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds made from wooden materials are a great addition to any home and style. The beautiful wood patterns and the horizontal slat direction add interest to the room without overpowering the other design features. The key is finding the right colour combination to make the most of any space.White wooden venetian blinds are the solution to the design dilemma. The pale white shade matches any colour scheme found throughout the rest of the room and offers amazing contrast when surrounded by medium to dark shades.

Beyond simply providing the interesting contrast or great ability to match any style, the blinds maintain the elements that add charm to the house. The horizontal direction makes it easy to block out light and let in more light as preferred throughout the day and night. The beautiful wood material maintains the look of rings and the porous nature of wood while the white colour makes the natural beauty a little more subtle and interesting. By creating a subtle feel, the blinds become a highlight around the room rather than a main feature. That allows other items like the furniture to stand out rather than the window dressings.

The wooden material of the blinds only add to the impact of style and comfort. Wood can match any type of home design and preferred style. From the modern minimalist designs that require white or light colours to the classic styles that create a feel of elegance, the blinds will fit in perfectly.

Picking out the perfect blinds is not always as easy as it might seem. While Venetian blinds are beautiful, selecting the material and colour requires careful thought. When doubts about colour arise, the white wooden blinds are among the best available to meet any preferred look.

Beige Vertical Blinds Made to Measure

Over millions of years, the human race has always naturally slept in the dark. It’s just a part of nature and how we were built. When there is a lack of light, our brains produce Melatonin. This chemical is what drives our ability to get a good, solid night’s rest. If you can’t get rid of the light and need to sleep during the day, this will become a problem. Your quality of sleep will suffer and you will feel tired and worn out while awake.There are other factors associated with sleeping during the day. The world can be a very noisy and busy place, and when you’re wanting to sleep, these disturbances will do nothing but put you in a bad mood and possibly even wake you right back up after having fallen asleep for a few minutes.If you are one of the many people who operate on a schedule that doesn’t permit you to sleep at night, then you certainly need to be able to block out the sun while you attempt to sleep. The most effective way to accomplish this is to use a blind to cover your window. If your room is a more natural, earthly tone, then using a beige vertical blind will help you to block out the sun while keeping the room looking very nice and well put together.Once you’ve slept without the sun interrupting your beauty rest, you will see how important keeping the sun out in the world, and not in your bedroom, truly is. In case you do not already know, there are many benefits to sleeping in a room with reduced lighting. You will fall asleep faster, you’ll reach a deeper sleep more quickly and you will remain in that deeper sleep for a longer period of time. This is the type of sleep a person needs to combat the world when it’s time to wake up. You will feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world once you experience this quality of sleep! Throw a blind over the window and get real rest!

Yellow Venetian Blinds

The colour yellow always reminded her of William and Dorothy, the hill of daffodils, an afternoon spent on a hillside in the country. She tried not to dwell often on the couch or the dank dwelling where William probably transcribed the poem from memories of a springtime jaunt with his sister.

Sometimes, she pretended she could float like William’s lonely cloud, “high o’er vales and hills.” Perhaps, 200 years ago, she might have been one, spying on the breathtaking view of that crowd of glorious flowers bobbing in the breeze. She liked to imagine herself as the breeze that urged William to that very spot where his inspiration came alive. She thought of herself as wind, caressing each merry bloom, tossing the golden heads heavenward. They would fall as she flew out to sea to play in the spray. Within a moment’s time she blew back again, raising the daffodils before they had time to cheer or complain.

What a glorious scene it had been! She closed her eyes to remember it more clearly. She smelled the briny air, felt the mist of the crashing waves. Her eyes opened abruptly.

Blast! The water in the sink was splashing over all over herself and the floor. She turned off the spigot and towelled herself down a bit. “Bloody dishes won’t do themselves.” she thought, returning to the task at hand. At least the yellow venetian blinds offered a few minutes of relief from the grind. She reached to open them farther so she could look out the window. No daffodils here, just mud and pavement.