Blinds in the Kitchen

The lines from a well-loved children’s poem say it best: The kitchen’s the cosiest place that I know; the kettle is singing, the stove is aglow… We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and if it is comfortable and cozy, all the better. Sunlight is a welcome guest in the kitchen, adding warmth and light. However, there are times when we want privacy or a little less light and heat coming in. At those times, blinds come in very handy.


Blinds are quite versatile because they can be constructed of a variety of different materials, including sheer or opaque fabric, natural wood, vinyl or aluminium. They can be trendy or traditional, subdued colours or vibrant ones. Depending on your preferences, needs, and the type of windows you have, you have a choice of venetian, Roman, roller, or pleated style blinds. With so many options, you are sure to find the right blinds for your kitchen.


Blinds help control the amount of light in the room. If your blinds are made of sheer or somewhat transparent fabric, they will soften the light and add beauty to your kitchen decor. If there are areas where you would like to block the light, as in the evening when the sun shines in your eyes as you are preparing tea, you may like something more opaque. Venetian blinds or a blackout roller blinds would work well for this scenario. There are blinds of every kind.

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