Blind Safety For Children

As you choose blinds, shades or any other type of window treatment for your home, make sure that all loose furnishings, such as cords or ties, are secured and away from small children. Sadly, many children are harmed each year by having access to loose cords hanging from blinds, shades and other window treatments. Placing cords high enough so they are out of the reach of curious hands may not be enough. Minimize the risk in your home by installing small, affordable hooks, cleats and control anchors to keep cords out of the reach of small children.

A cleat, which is a V shaped bracket, can be easily attached vertically to a wall with a screwdriver. Cords from venetian blinds, aluminum blinds and Roman shades can easily be wrapped around the cleat on an adjacent wall and away from children. The higher that the cleat is installed, the safer it will be. This is, however, a temporary hold. To use the cord, one will have to unwrap the cord from the cleat, which may tempt a child to later play with it, possibly harming themselves.For a more permanent hold, secure a hook to an adjacent wall. These hooks hold the cords of a roller blind or a Roman sidewinder blind in place. A homeowner can easily install these with a screwdriver also. If the cord is taut and not loose, then there is less risk that a child may be injured.A control anchor will also provide a permanent place for window treatment cords. A control anchor is a U-shaped clasp that will hold the cords in place. This device is also screwed into an adjacent wall. The cords are snapped inside the U and fit snugly. This device is commonly seen in hotel room windows. Permanent attachments, such as the control anchor and the hook are more effective than the cleat.While these devices can reduce the probability of harm, they are not foolproof. Follow all guidelines from your vendor and manufacturer about safety around children. Please remember to keep all bedding and furniture away from windows.

These simple accessories are easy to install and can be purchased through your window treatment vendor. Talk to your window treatment consultant for the best type of safety device for the windows in your home.


In the interest of safety, please keep all pull cords and chains out of the reach of children. Move cots beds and other furniture away from blinds and install safety devices, such as cleats and cord tidies, to limit access to cords. Hanging cords can be a potential risk to children, so the greatest care needs to be taken at all times.

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