Black is Back! Contemporary Design with Black Blinds

When you suggest the use of the colour black in an interior design scheme, most people imagine an unpleasant dark and dim effect.   Black is not one of the traditional colours in residential décor and yet it can have such an incredible impact on a neutral room.  Think of Cleopatra!  Just as outlining something in black draws attention and focus, so too can black blinds and patterns define and accentuate in a contemporary designed space.

Black Venetian Blinds

They are simply striking when installed in a room that offsets the dark linear venetian with some vibrant and warm colours.   Wood Venetian blinds are a popular choice as the wide slates of the natural wood create appeal  while defining the window space.  If installing black venetian blinds, we recommend choosing a lighter coloured window frame and trim to balance the colouration.  In the design example below, the decorator opted to use a white window frame and trim to balance the black blinds for a crisp effect.  It’s a lovely look paired with other rich wood finishes and neutral tones.   This same effect can be achieved with solid black vertical blinds or roller shades where it provides the perfect backdrop for other more vibrant colours without detracting from more important design elements  in the room.

Using Patterns

Solid black fabrics have their place, but what is trending at the moment are beautiful blinds and shades in assorted black patterns.   Shake up your interior design with a bold pattern particularly if you wish to use your window as a dramatic focal point in the room.  Much like hanging a piece of art, mural or other accessory your window can be an object of interest with the right fabric choice.

In this average sized bathroom, note how the use of a patterned black blind draws the eye upward to the light source in the small room?   The trim on the top of the window frame also works with the gorgeous pattern to create height in an otherwise confined area.  It is an excellent design strategy and  the overall effect creates additional space and loft in the room.  It is impossible not to notice the impact of the beautiful roller blind on the space and it functions very well in style and utility.


My DIY Blinds offers a number of striking solid black and patterned options. Check out our gorgeous “Jardin Coffee” pattern or the romantic Italian inspired “Firenze Black”. Our semi-transparent designer fabric collection (available on our pleated blind products) offer many new patterned options such as “Pandora Monochrome” .  Are you looking for a black and white pattern?  Check out our tasteful  “Tamara Monochrome”  fabric.  All of these fantastic options are available on our affordable roller blinds and pleated blinds.

Window coverings are an affordable way to refresh the appearance of your home or add some new flair and designer appeal.  Create your space with an unconventional twist on your window coverings with stylish blinds from My DIY Blinds.

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