A Journey into Dreams and Nightmares

At My DIY Blinds making sure our customers get a good night sleep is very important to us. All around the world at various times, people close their eyes and go to sleep. Perhaps they will experience an incredible dream or they might find themselves trapped in a terrifying nightmare…

Dreams and nightmares play a huge part in our lives, bigger than we even probably realise. The average human being for instance, spends six whole years of their lives dreaming. Incredible inventions, discoveries and creative ideas have occurred as a result of a dream or nightmare: Google, the Terminator and the double helix structure of DNA were all first imagined in the realm of dreams and nightmares.

We decided to delve deeper into the fascinating land of slumber, to create a fun and informative ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ infographic. We have collated some of what we think is the most interesting scientific research and fun facts for you to enjoy.

So as you settle in to bed tonight and feel yourself drifting off, maybe you too will dream up a fantastic creation, perhaps one to rival James Cameron’s Terminator. Whatever happens, you know that the next night ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ will always be back…

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