10 ways to brighten up a children’s room with made to measure blinds

Brightening up a child’s bedroom needn’t be expensive – and it may even inspire them to keep it tidy.

Here are ten tips to turn your kid’s pit into a paradise – and we’ve provided images of our specially themed blinds to provide a stunning backdrop to the new-look room.

  1. Turn one wall into a montage of cut-out figures from posters, comics and magazines, pasted on and coated with a clear mat varnish. Kids will enjoy helping out in this giant decoupage and it can be updated by just sticking over the top.
  2. Lay cheery rugs on a stripped floor to add warmth and deaden the noise from pattering feet! Remember that rugs can be dangerous – make sure you put non-slip matting underneath to avoid any bumps.
  3. Candy-stripe it; use up all the remnants of different-coloured emulsions you have in the garage to create a rainbow-striped wall. Start one colour where another pot runs out!
  4. Make it personal. Cut out your child’s name in 2ft-high letters on brightly coloured glossy paper and paste to the wall; intermingle with stars and moons for a jolly effect.
  5. For older children, music sheets pasted to the walls and varnished over will create a sophisticated backdrop.
  6. Cover a wall in cork tiles to create a giant pin-board. Then give them a huge tin of drawing pins!

  7. If you have two children sharing a room, decorate each half in different (complementary) colours. It puts an end once and for all to squabbles about who owns what.
  8. Paint large cardboard boxes with emulsion and poster paint for storage boxes, doll’s houses, giant building blocks, dens, spacecraft, toy beds…the kids will add their own imagination.
  9. Turn the bed into a day-time sofa with piles of bright cushions, add matching curtains and lamps and a folding coffee table for when friends call. They’ll add the mugs themselves, probably by the dozen.
  10. And, finally, of course, add a blind – for a delightful focus to the whole effect.

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